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June 24, 2016

Hello Summer Vacation

It is a bittersweet day! I am on summer vacation!
I woke up and enjoyed this:

I love waking up and having a coffee n my patio in the summer. I listen to the birds, look at all my flowers, and read. 

Then I made some phone calls I have been putting off for the past two weeks. I chatted with a few friends and relaxed some more in the shade. Soon, I will go for a swim in the afternoon. 

I cannot believe the school year is over. What a crazy year I had. For the first time ever, I taught grades 1-5 reading. I have to say, I think I knew this all along, but I really do like the older grades. I loved watching my first and second graders grow so much this year as readers, but I really feel I belong in grades 3 and up. 

I made some great friends like these people:

The reading team ! 

The AIS and Special Education Team
School Wide Baseball Game! 

Selfie on Field Day! 

I also watched this kido grow all year into an amazing reader. I will miss her so much!

Awards Day - I gave this kido a special award! 

The school was closing at the end of the year, so the last few days we spent packing up books and teachers classrooms were very empty. A lot of people were quiet a sad because they started their teaching career there and have been there for 15 + years.  For me, it was another year of starting and ending a job at a long term substitute teacher. I packed up my three plastic totes that  I take to every new school setting. I smiled as I close the door on another wonderful year as a reading teacher! 

I wish everyone a happy and joyous summer vacation! 
I will post when I can... I will be catching up on a lot of books! 

Happy Reading! 

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