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June 7, 2016

June.... WHAT !!

First off, I really missed the month post about currently! It was sad to see that end last month!

Next, let me say... I ONLY HAVE 8 DAYS LEFT!

THREE Awards Days, One Field Day, and today our principal had her last day because she is off to Israel! Her daughter is having twins. I am sending her prayers and safe travels!

The school is closing. Everyone is packing up. I am slowing cleaning a room I spent one year in and I again am filled with all sorts of emotions. What a roller coaster. I have been job hunting. I do not want to leave my job. I have been loving it! It is bittersweet that some of my classes are ending this week because of all the craziness next week.  I am so thankful to have had this job for the year. I have worked with some wonderful people!

I am hoping for a smooth ending to the school year!

I hope everyone is enjoying this month. June brings a lot of bittersweet events!

Happy Reading Everyone!

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