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July 1, 2016

Hello July !

I spent my first week of vacation enjoying my freedom from a schedule. It has been nice every morning this week I did this on the patio: 

I have read two books this week - one by a favorite author (seen above) and a teen book which I started reading here" 
I try to swim as much as possible during the summer, because here in NY pool season is sweet, but TOO short! 

I have movie night with the DH. We watched the movie outside in our garage. It's fun and I love being outside. We saw this for he first time: 

I thought this movie was funny and cute!  

I also planted another flower pot. I sadly killed my gerber daisy flowers (which were gifts from school) Here is what I planted: 

I am trying to revive the ones in y front garden. We have had little rain and with the end of the school year, I slacked on my watering!  I am hoping to revive them! 

I ran into Target the other day to pick up dome H&B items and I saw this SCARY sign: 

SERIOUSLY!!!!!! I mean, I know other states have had the whole month of June off, but REALLY???? TOO SOON!

Well, I hope everyone is in summer bliss like I have been! I have to get back to my book now.. since it;s raining and well, I am putting off mu housecleaning!

Happy Reading!

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