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July 14, 2016

Summer Tutoring

Every summer I tutor. I am able to use a great program that I love (Fountas and Pinnell Levelled Literacy Interventions) but try new things with the books. What I love the most is parents who are so vested in their child's education that they have their child tutored once or twice a week during summertime.

I am working with a child who is starting kindergarten in the fall. This kido impresses me every time I see him. He is quiet and needs think time before answering questions.  I work with him for 45 minutes. Half the session is math and the other half is reading. Here are some things I did with him today:

1. Counting Pennies - We are working on 1-20. He gets stuck with 13 but then he is fine.

2. Tracing numbers and Ten Frames

3. Identifying a number when different numbers are in a pile.

4. Phonemic Awareness - He can recognize all the letters, I am working on beginning sounds.

5. Sight words and reading Level A books.

Here are some pictures from today:

 I found this from a nice website. 
She has 1 -20 sheets for kidos to practice! 

Book Two from the LLI Kit
Today we read it forward twice 
and then backwards! 

Beginning sound picture sort. 
He threw me for a loop today when 
he said "rabbit" and not "bunny" 
He also wanted "football" under " B for ball." 

I really enjoy the time I get to work with students 1:1. It is so valuable! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!
Happy Reading!

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