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October 12, 2016

WHAT... October !

I have had a crazy month. I cannot believe that school has been going on for six weeks!
I am teaching grades 5-7 and I have been a busy bee! On the second weekend of school I took this picture:

My husband keeps saying I have my dream job "getting paid to read." He knows me well!

I push into classrooms in the AM helping the students in ELA. Last year I did this in one 5th grade classroom. I am working with some of the same teachers from last year. In the afternoon, I work with small groups.

Here are some pictures of some lessons I have taught to my small groups.

 I am beginning each 40 minutes lesson with a vocabulary building lesson.
If you have never used StoryWorks Magazine, I recommend it!
Inside there is The Word Nerd.

I modeled how to use the pictures to figure out the word meanings.
We also have dictionaries. 

 We then wrote a simpler sentence together. 

 Another StoryWorks article. 
We read aloud the text. 
The kidos highlighted text for questions 
I asked orally. 

The kids ate two Oreos.
Then we compared/contrasted the Oreos in two countries. 
This was the start of our list. 

I have some new 5th graders this year, so I was able to do one of my favorite lessons. "Mystery Main Idea." 

Well, there is just a little snapshot. I am hoping to share some more pictures soon. 

Happy Reading! 


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