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December 3, 2016

Busy Days

Thanksgiving came and went. I enjoyed my time with family and shopped the weekend away with my Mom. It is one of my favorite weekends of the whole year. Now it is the mad rush of December!

My schedule seems to be running smoothly. I am enjoying teaching at the middle school level. I have nice classes. Here are  pictures of some of my lessons:

I use the Read 180 program and I began the unit on disasters. I gave the students the word cut up as the first part of the lesson.

 We started a web as we read the unit. I asked: 
 "What words come to your mind when you think of disasters?" 
The kiddos will add to the web after reading each text. 

Grade Five: 
In my other class, I began a writing unit. 
Some students struggle with responding to comprehension questions.
First we talked about different types of writing. 
Responses first on post it notes, then additional answers after a group discussion.  

I bought a few items from TPT on Cyber Monday. 
I found a great unit and this mini-poster.

Here is the link: 

I modeled an example.
Then the kiddos highlight 
each part of RACE. 

Grade 7: 
We are reading Edgar Allen Poe
Here are the I can statements from the last Monday:  
Here is an example of an exit ticket I made from my observation: 

I decided to treat myself to my first gingerbread latte this week and I love all the designs I have seen all over the internet. Here was the cup I was given: 

I hope everyone is enjoying teaching during December. It is always a crazy and exciting time! 
Happy Reading ! 

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