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January 25, 2016

Recent Pictures

I am in deep this week - Reading reports, my formal observation, and two grad classes begin this week. I am sure it will be crazy for awhile. Here are a few random pictures from last week.

Working on beginning blends: 

Making Sentences: 
 Making Sentences with the Long /y/ ending words

Journal Response after reading Goldilocks

I always try to take more pictures, but I get too busy. LOL. 
Maybe next week - after my observation is over! 

Happy Reading!

January 10, 2016

Weekly Pictures

I had a great week back. I started a unit on theme in grade 4 and 5. Both kids are beginning to understand this difficult concept. I tired something new this year and it really is helping! In grade 3 I am using the NY module on wolves. The two books are great. I love that as the reading teacher  I can modify for my reading kidos. They really need

Here are some pictures from last week:

Grade one Vowel Patterns 


The students also did a word sort during the week. 

One of my kidos hard at work.

My first graders are moving along to E books.

Below is a previous writing from one of my students in October. 
Here is the kido's writing now. 
I love the growth! 
 I need to work on remembering capitals and end marks. 

 We use "I can" statements in my district.
Do you ?  
 I always tell the students they can be the teacher.
They take turns writing on the board.
Here is the themes they came up with this week.
 The large word at the end cracks me up. 

The snow is finally on it's way. I hope I remember my winter driving skills tomorrow morning! 

Happy Reading! 

January 3, 2016

WHAT? Work tomorrow !!!

I enjoying my last day of freedom. It is back to work tomorrow and I am NOT ready. I just read my lesson plans for tomorrow since I did them on December 22 and had no idea what I had planned for my reading classes.

I had big plans to make the grade 3 reading packet. It DID NOT get done!

I had big plans to make some pages for grade 5. It DID NOT get done!

I am going to try and take one day at a time this week. We will see how that goes!

I am going to try and go to a spinning class on Tuesday and Thursday. I will let you know how that goes, too!

One thing I did do was make a few new TPT products. Check out my store:

TPT Store Reading-Really-Rocks

I would like to try and make a few bundles, but once my grade class starts at the end of Jan. I will have to figure out how to manage it all!

One nice way I am ending my holiday break was last night the DH and I went to see "Dancing with the Stars Live!"

It was fantastic. Here's a pic:

I loved watching him!

Well, it's back to reality tomorrow. I will need this at 6AM: 

Good luck tomorrow everyone!
Happy Reading! 

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year !

This past year was a whirlwind! I started a new job and was loving life. Then it ended and I taught summer school for the first time in my teaching career. Then I went to a new school - which will be closing in June. I took two grad school classes. I went on a vacation twice with the DH.  We never take two trips in one year, so that was extra special! I finally added some products to teacherpayteachers. Hopefully, I will continue to grow in the TPT world. I have always been a buyer and now  I can call myself a seller, too!

A new year begins today! Here's hoping it is fun, exciting, and healthy for everyone!

Here is this month's Currently

I have enjoyed being on vacation. I enjoy being a reading teacher, but I enjoy having time to read freely with no grad school deadlines or lesson plans to write. I think that is the plight of all teachers - we love our jobs, and we love our vacations! I think working in a school makes us still feel like kids because we still follow the same schedule we have know all our lives!

I am watching the Winter Classic. I am NOT a Boston fan so I must cheer for Canada - which is OK. They are my neighbor!

I cannot believe how quickly the month went. I love hits time from turkey day to today. It just went TOO FAST!

I wish I had a few more days off. I spent some time getting rid of things I do not need or use. Most of it I donated, but I still have about 6 boxes of teacher things I want to go through. Not to mention some large totes of who knows what in my basement. I'd like to get it done before I have to start my grad class.

One little word: Appreciate 
I having been trying to do this more and more. I want to appreciate every moment. In doing this, I hope to appreciate the people and memory making of those moments!

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Happy Reading & Happy New Year!