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September 4, 2016

See You in September

Hello September. Yes, I'm a few days late.. but heck I have had a crazy week!

On Monday, I had my last day in paradise. Here are a few pictures from my summer vacation:

My happy place every AM after breakfast. 
I was swimming every day by 9:00.

A great shirt the DH bought me before our trip 
 which I wore on the plane ride down. 
It says " There's nothing a little Starbucks & Disney Can't Fix!"

 The DH took this picture on "National Dog Day"

The DH by the pool in the shade while I was swimming. 

While we were in Disney I received a phone call to go in for a second interview. I had the first one the day before I had left for vacation. I literally had it ONE HOUR after my plane landed!  

I met with the superintendent and she offered me a job at the middle school in the district I have been working in for various long term reading teacher assignments. I happily accepted. I am BEYOND THRILLED! 

Here is the space I have been given: 

Before Picture
After picture coming soon! 

I had meetings for two days and did some set up on Friday. Finished room pictures is coming soon. The first week I assist with the new students to the building and I will plan my schedule with the other reading teachers. 

It will be an exciting month! I am so happy to have a job for the school year! 

New posts about middle school reading are to come! 

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone! 

Happy Reading!