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January 15, 2017

Happy Sunday

I feel like I just posted my weekly photos. I had a busy week - one day we had an assembly and another day  I sat in on CSE meetings. I finished teaching my RACE unit. Now I am going to have the kiddos respond to a nonfiction text using the RACE strategy. Here are a bunch of examples:

RACE Strategy on Pinterest:

My one 7th grade class is still reading about different careers. I want to make a sheet to have them use the laptops  to choose a career and do some research.  My second 7th grade group is digging deep into The Cay. I am not sure if they like the book or not.

I only had time to take three photos this past week. Here they are:

 This is the literacy term sort I made for all grade levels. These are the terms we worked on from September to December.
 Here are my grade 7 learning targets from last week. 

This was what the kiddos saw before the color coded my answer. 

I have a nice four day work week. I have AM committee meetings for two of the days. I am not sure how many photos I will get this weekr. I am now in my 3rd year of teaching grade and I feel like I am in a nice groove with them. I am still learning lessons for grade 7. Sometimes I enjoy those kids, and other days, I would much rather see my 5th graders all day every day. One thing is for sure, I am always learning! 

Have a fantastic week!
Happy Reading! 

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