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January 8, 2017

Weekly Photos

I had a busy week back to school. It was nice to get back into the swing of things!

I taught the 5th grade classes I push into a great lesson about responding to a reading with text evidence. I did it to my small group class, so teaching it a second time was great. I was able to tweak the lesson. This time around I had the model ready for the kids. This week they will use the "RACE" template to evaluate an answer. Here is the pic from a previous post (I bought this from TPT): 

In my small group I gave students a literacy sort of all the terms they have learned so far this school year. Then as part of an exit ticket, the kiddos wrote an "I can.." statement on an index card. I had the kiddos put them on the white board. Then they had to switch and box the important words from a peer's statement. 

On another day with another group, we worked on sequence. I was working with the English Language Learners and my reading students. I partnered them up and gave them books I had cut apart and laminated. The had to read the text practice fluency, put the book in order, and then swap with another group to check their work.

Once again, I asked the kiddos to write an "I can" statement and then write it on the while board.

 When I was in 7th grade I remember reading how my reading teacher would choose these great stories. I remember reading The Call of the Wild  and also reading The Cay. I was thrilled to learn we had the book in book room. I began it last week. The kids are really intrigued about the story. We just started and I hope they love it as much as I did when I was in grade 7!

 We discussed the different covers and made predictions. 

That is it for last week. I hope everyone is staying warm. Some school had a snow day last week. In fact three elementary schools had kids in school til 9 at night. What a story for the kids to tell when they are older. The pictures I saw on Twitter and Facebook were great! You have to love those teachers!

Happy Reading!

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