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January 21, 2017

Weekly Photos

My week was busy. Only four days of work and on two of them I had AM meetings. I serve on two committees and this month the meetings fell in the same week. One of my co-workers was not happy because I missed the kiddos twice!  Such is the life of a push in reading teacher. I am plugging along with the students and have seen some amazing growth which is really all that matters!.

Grade 5 - New unit "Determining important details in a text" - I find the kiddos that struggle in reading cannot distinguish between the really important stuff and the little nonessential details of a text. This is a common practice for the student who struggles - he/she will grasp at any sentence with the hope it is what the teacher wants. I also took my supplies from my RACE unit and made a bulletin board.

 Once again - TPT products!!  

Grade 6 - I am working with students who have IEP's. Getting them to find good text evidence is my goal for the next three weeks. I also am working with the two neediest students in a small group just practicing decoding words.

Grade 7 - I have two groups. I am wrapping up my unit on careers with one group. Each kiddo chose a career to read and research. Then I am going to have them make a PowerPoint with 5 sides. Students will then rotate laptops to watch the slide show. We will have a group share.
With the second group we are making our way through The Cay. It is just getting interesting and now I am going to introduce the concept of conflict and character motivation.


I want to give the kiddos a compare/contrast sort based on the chart above. I will try and remember pictures. 

Happy Reading! 

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