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February 11, 2017

Weekly Photos

I have been enjoying school, but this week was rough. I am not sure if it was the full moon, the winter grumps, or the need for a vacation, but boy oh boy were the kids tough this week!

I am plugging along at school. We have one week and then we have a week off. It will be nice just to take a week to read for pleasure and watch The Today Show.

Here are some photos from my lessons:

 If you have not tried Story Works by Scholastic - you are missing out on some great literature and nonfiction lessons.
The students have been working oin finding the most important detail from a text. I write it and put it in a secret envelope and the kids have to guess. They love it when they match mine.

 I found this on TPT and used it with my word study group. 

The sort 

I began a unit on working on determining character traits in stories and poetry. I used the acronym FAST. I have used this strategy in the past -  See this post: Character Traits Lesson

 The boys are minimalists. LOL. 
 Applying it to a poem:
 The poem was from Super Teacher Worksheets. Another great website, I recommend. 

We then began writing the response to the prompt about the character traits from the story: 
We need to work on the rest of the essay next week. 

Earlier this week I went to a workshop about student engagement and  then the next morning this popped up on my twitter feed: 

Student engagement is hard to find for struggling readers. Everyday I try something new. 
I often wonder how to motivate those students who have no interest, no motivations, no commitment. 

I am ready to try something new with my one 7th grade group. I am just not sure what type of unit. 
Here's to a great week!

Happy Reading! 

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