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If you can read this, thank a teacher !!

June 11, 2017

Happy June

I am still teaching! We are plugging along in New York. Three more teaching days, then 4 days with finals! It will be a crazy week.

On a personal note I have had an uneventful week. When school ends I will have a much needed two weeks to relax before I work the summer school program for reading.

I have been reading the debates from Scholastic's Storyworks Magazine. The kids love talking about both opinions. It's a great way to end teaching reading with the 5th graders! We also have done some vocabulary work with the most common words that kids screw up in their writing.

Here are a few pics:
I start out with an easy practice.
Then make it harder.

 Kiddos write their sentences first, then I called kids to write one sentence from their list 
to check for their understanding. 

Plus here is a pic of my current book pile. 
(There is quite the variety): 


I found this on my whiteboard: 
This is why I love teaching!

I am not sure if I will take photos during the last three months. Hoping to blog about some books over the summer. I love book recommendations if anyone wants to share a favorite book in my comments!

Happy Reading!