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November 22, 2017


I am a day late, but I am still joining the party!

 Here is a fun Linky party! There are a lot of fun blogs to check out! Go take a look! Here is the link: 

Show-n-Tell Tuesday November  

Mine are below. Enjoy! 


 Teaching a lesson about culture.
I had a kiddo work be my scribe. 
He had such nice writing,I should have him do it all the time.

Notebooks open for state research  
The students just finished their essays. 


It's that time of year again - coffee by a fire.
I met a friend for the buy one share one deal.
It was so funny that afternoon.
I ran into three different people - all teachers. 
 I worked with all of them one point.
Yeah - I have been in a lot of schools! 

Last week was a tough week for many reasons! 
I enjoyed a yummy blackberry bellini 
in honor of surviving my rough week. 

I hope everyone enjoys a blessed Thanksgiving! 
Happy pie eating! 

Happy Reading in between watching those Hallmark movies!  

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  1. I taught fourth grade and always loved our unit on immigrants. Enjoy your weekend with turkey, wine and movies.