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June 30, 2010

Summer Slide

Most teachers know there is summer slide for kids because their brain is not working as hard as it does during the school year. Here are some daily activities I do with the kido I tutor to keep her brain in work mode all summer long:

1. Read aloud to me and then retell the story.

2. Weekly spelling words. Daily writing of the words on a white board. We also go outside and write them with chalk on the sidewalk.

3. We play scrabble, sight word bingo, sight word memory, and the game "Magic Word Bucket" which I blogged about

4. Weekly poetry activities. I made a poetry notebook for my kido and I give her two new poems a week that we choral read together.

5.Write and illustrate her own books.

6. Play educational computer games.

7. Write a grocery list for her parents and then organize that grocery list by food categories.

8. Assemble a puzzle.

9. Participate in a reading program at the local library. I also have used the summer reading rewards from my local Barnes and Nobles.

10. Write to family and friends using email, letters, and postcards.

11. Read the newspaper to learn about special summer events. We also read the comics to practice fluency.

The beat part of all these activities I do with kidos is I suggest the parents do it with their child, too!

Happy Reading !

June 23, 2010

Hello Summer !

The students enjoyed their field day and the teachers survived, too! It was a fun last day of school!

I have some fun summer posts planned inbetween my time at the pool and reading those books I never have time to read during the school year!!!

Happy Reading Everyone!!

June 21, 2010

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kidos. It is Field Day! It is a great way to kick off the summer and I am sure the kidos will have a blast.

Pray for a rain free Field Day !

... Then Happy Summer Reading for me!

June 13, 2010

The Countdown Begins.......

7 more work days until the ...

June 10, 2010

End of the Year Read Alouds

Here are a few of my favorite books I have shared with students during the last week of school. I hope those teachers still owrking can find something they want to share!


I Can Be Anything by Jerry Spinelli
The boy sees himself as a “puddle stomper, or a apple chomper. He sees himself as a mixing-bowl licker and a tin-can kicker,” among numerous other “professions." It is a nice story to read to any elementary classroom!

Who doesn's love Dr. Seuss at the end of the year??
Oh, the Places You'll Go! is a fun book that I use to read to my 5th graders before they left school and headed off to middle school. I read it on the last day every year and it always made me feel a little teary!

Arthur Goes to Camp by Marc Brown
This is a cute story about my favorite aardvark who is homesick at summer camp until a mystery arrives. My first graders love this lovable character and it is a nice way to kick off the summer and share camping stories!

Summer Beat by Betty Franco
The sounds of summer sizzle and pop in this bouncing,swinging tribute to the best sound of every child's favorite season. There is a lot of fun words in here that students just love. This book works well in any K to grade 3 class!

Happy Reading! Summer is just around the corner !!

June 6, 2010

End of the Year Idea #2

I have been giving reading assessments so I wanted to do something fun for the last two weeks of school.

Hello Reader's Theater! I even have some scripts for my 1st graders. It is a fun way to build fluency and still work on those reading skills. My 5th graders will be reading their play to their reading buddies!

Here is a great link that has a lot of reader's theater's scripts! Enjoy!

Reader's Theater

The scripts are from a wonderful website! That link is

Happy Reading !

June 2, 2010

End of the Year Ideas

Here is NY, there are three weeks of school left. I am busy with reading conferences and paperwork! I envy those teachers already on their summer break!

For teachers who still need some end of the year ideas, I am sharing a few ideas thanks to my favorite weekly e-mail from one of my favorite websites

Enjoy !

This Year I Learned…
Review the school year with this class book–making activity. Challenge each of several groups to list everything the class has learned this year. Next, have a volunteer from each group come to the front of the room and write an item from his group’s list on a sheet of chart paper. After everyone has added to the list, have each child select one item, write a brief reflection about it on a piece of paper, and illustrate his page. Bind these pages into a class book that you can use to pique the curiosity of next year’s class!

Free Book Friday
Use this idea to encourage reading and positive behavior during this busy end of the year. Use cutout pictures of books from book club flyers to cover a shoebox. Cut a slit in the top of the box. Each week, feature one book that can be won in a raffle drawing. (Use bonus points to order books from the book club to be used for the raffle.) When a student displays positive behavior, give her a slip of paper to write her name on and deposit the slip in the box. On Friday, draw a name from the box and award that student the featured book of the week. On Monday morning, empty the box and display a new book!

*** You could also raffle off some of those class books made during the school year! Or raffle off some summer required reading books!

Graffiti Wall
Cover a bulletin board with red paper. Use a black marker to create a brick like design. Then add the name of your current novel or picture book to the board. As your class reads the book, challenge students to write concepts or new vocabulary words, from the story on the wall using different-colored markers. Each time a student adds a word or concept to the wall, have him explain its meaning or relevance to the book.

*** You could also write story elements, character traits, or the book's themes. Younger students could draw pictures on the graffiti wall!

Happy Reading!!