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August 11, 2013

Sunny August Weekend

It was a sunny day and my husband and I went to another "Taste" today. We took an hour drive to one of our favorite towns. (He proposed to me there !!) We spent some time in the shops and then had some yummy food! I bought this cute card which I am going to put in a frame:  

That was fun, but the most exciting thing that happened was when I looked in my mailbox yesterday to see a copy of The Mailbox Magazine. At first I was so confused. I no longer have a subscription to this magazine because I have been subbing the last few years.  Then I saw this on the back cover: 


I have been feeling a bit low because I have not had any interviews for jobs, so to see that my idea was published in the Oct./Nov. issues made me feel good! 

It has been another sunny weekend and it's ending on a great note! I hope that is a positive sign for something good in my future! 

Happy Reading 

GOOD LUCK to all the teachers that may have first days this week!