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January 28, 2016

Observation Photos

Now here are some pictures from my room. These are a week old because last week I had meetings. 
Here are some pictures from my observation lesson. I teach the LLI Program and I added some additional parts to the lesson: 

Writing Model 
I gave the kids a vocabulary sheet and had them circle the words they used in their writing. The kids choose a photo from a bunch I had copied to write about in their journals. 

Exit Ticket
I used this to assess my students. 

In grade three the kidos read a book with the substitute. I loved all the notes she took from the student responses. My next step is to get them to take good notes using text evidence in a graphic organizer.

One more writing sample from a kiddo: 
I guess there is research on having students write without lines, but the perfectionist in me always puts lines in the kidos papers. Plus they love choosing a color from my smelly markers. I think it motivates them to write. Any thoughts?

January 26, 2016

Lots of Photos

I am in deep this week - Reading reports, my formal observation, and two grad classes begin this week. I am sure it will be crazy for awhile. Here are a few random pictures from last week.

Working on beginning blends: 

Making Sentences: 
 Making Sentences with the Long /y/ ending words

Journal Response after reading Goldilocks

Grade One Vowel Patterns 


The students also did a word sort during the week. 

One of my kidos hard at work.

My first graders are moving along to E books.

Below is a previous writing from one of my students in October. 
Here is the kido's writing now. 
I love the growth! 
 I need to work on remembering capitals and end marks. 

 We use "I can" statements in my district.
Do you ?  
 I always tell the students they can be the teacher.
They take turns writing on the board.
Here is the themes they came up with this week.
 The large word at the end cracks me up. 

The snow is finally on it's way. I hope I remember my winter driving skills tomorrow morning! 

Happy Reading!