Sharing my love of literacy

October 25, 2014

Weekly Photos

Here are some pictures of a few things I have done this past week.

I finally felt like I was in a good place with the switch at work. Then something happened that has created stress in my life. I keep praying for an answer or an end. Thank goodness for tutoring, the kidos brighten the stress I am under!

I love this little sheet. If you are the author, tell me so I can give you credit! 

I modeled how to "close read" using a sheet from one favorite site: 

I had some great tutoring sessions this past week. I am helping two kidos with reading and now working with another former student for math. It is quite enjoyable.  

 Getting word cards ready for compound word practice. 

This is something new I decided to try! 
I have a pile of words. 
The student must come put with the second part of the compound word. 
For example: sun + shine