Sharing my love of literacy

January 15, 2012

I Love Target

Target is my favorite store! The other day after work I went into Target for ONE thing! I needed a new pillow and it was on sale! I came out of there with 5 things!! This is actually good for me! I can go crazy in that store!

I have been looking for the above bins for MONTHS! I use to have two larger ones, but they broke. Eight years of use is pretty good in my book! I stopped at their $1.00 Spot to browse - what teacher can resist that area?? In front of my eyes I saw a pile of these bins. WOO HOO! I picked out four different colors. I also bought a red one! They match perfect with the trays I bought at Target back in August!! I quickly left the area before I grabbed more things.

I headed to the pillow section, grabbed my pillow, and then stopped for a bag of chocolate on my way to the register!

THANK YOU TARGET ! How I love thee!

January 2, 2012

Many people know I love a certain author. I try to use her books as much as possible. Yes, it's another Laura Numeroff book!! 

I was looking through this book and a new idea jumped out at me!
There are several compound words in this story:

pancake, suitcase, homesick, something
tap shoes, mailbox, backyard, tree house
wallpaper, maple syrup

I am teaching a student to chunk words. I think showing her these compound words will be another strategy she can use to read multi- syllabic words. I am going to make some cut apart index cards to practice putting compound words together. 

I am looking forward to tutoring this week with this book!