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December 26, 2013

13 in 13 List

It is time to remember the past year and think about a goal for 2014! Here you go: 

13. Favorite article of clothing: 

My Loft Jeans 
Yes, this is me! 
I use to cut my head off blog photos.
 I also used to blog about my outfits. 
 I love this top, too (also from Loft) !! 

 12. Favorite movie you watched: 

 11. Favorite TV series:
 Dancing with the Stars. 

 10. Favorite restaurant: 
 MMMM… Carrabba’s 

 9. Favorite new thing you tried: 
 I have been eating fresh spinach salads. 
 Prior to this year I had never tried spinach! 

 8. Favorite gift you got: 
 Spa Gift Card from my sweet husband. 

 7. Favorite pin: 

 6. Favorite blog post:

Click here: 
       Favorite Blog Post   

 It was full of random ideas, 
but I remember feeling so happy during that time. 

 5. Best accomplishment: 
Being published in the Mailbox Magazine 

 4. Favorite picture: 
  My Mom and me at the Memorial Day parade 

 3. Favorite memory: 
 One of the second graders from last year called me a rock star. 
He made me the sweetest card at the end of the year.
 I read it whenever I feel low. 

 2. Goal for 2014: 
 Trust in God’s plan. 
 (This is SO HARD for me.) 

 1. One Little Word:

Happy Reading!

October 12, 2013

A Week in Second Grade

Super Second Grade !

I was asked to work in a second grade for a week at a school I worked as as a reading teacher 3 years ago. It was HEAVEN!! Second Graders are the best. It made me miss my second graders from last year, but I was happy to see a lot of my teacher friends! 

I don't know if you know it, but I love to teach writing! Teaching it all day would be my dream job!

First, I read this cute book. It was a book I have never read and now I want a copy!  

We had a class discussion about what made the story so good.

During another lesson we color coded two writing samples to discuss which one was better and why.  Here is an example:  

I loved teaching in the same place all week. 

Happy Reading! 

August 11, 2013

Sunny August Weekend

It was a sunny day and my husband and I went to another "Taste" today. We took an hour drive to one of our favorite towns. (He proposed to me there !!) We spent some time in the shops and then had some yummy food! I bought this cute card which I am going to put in a frame:  

That was fun, but the most exciting thing that happened was when I looked in my mailbox yesterday to see a copy of The Mailbox Magazine. At first I was so confused. I no longer have a subscription to this magazine because I have been subbing the last few years.  Then I saw this on the back cover: 


I have been feeling a bit low because I have not had any interviews for jobs, so to see that my idea was published in the Oct./Nov. issues made me feel good! 

It has been another sunny weekend and it's ending on a great note! I hope that is a positive sign for something good in my future! 

Happy Reading 

GOOD LUCK to all the teachers that may have first days this week! 

July 14, 2013

Weekend Rundown

The summer weather arrived and I am so happy! It hit 90 here today. I was outside all day and it was HOT, but I love the sun! 

Friday: Concert! Brad Paisley!! The first 2 pictures are from the online article and the second 2 are from my Iphone where I was sitting. I was dead center!  At one point he came into the audience and was right behind me. It was exciting!

Saturday:  POOL SIDE !! 

Sunday: Our local "Taste!" It's a huge food fest! I ate too much, but it was GREAT !


Happy Summer!
Happy Reading!

June 9, 2013

Almost Done!

Non-teaching notes: 

I did an outdoor spin at my gym to support the local cancer research hospital. There is a huge bike ride in a few weeks and every year my gym drags the spin bikes outside to raise money in honor of the bike ride. Here is a pick of me during the ride: 

I went to an art festival with the husband. After three days of rain the sunshine was wonderful!

Well, here is what I enjoyed this weekend:

Almost done! 
Happy Reading!

March 13, 2013

Happy Birthday!

MARCH 13, 2013

A Great Day !

Today I took a half day. Before I left I celebrated my birthday with my students and shared ice cream cups with them. I told my students I was 29 again. LOL 

The hubs and I went to a movie. It was a nice midweek treat! 
We went to dinner and I had a little of this: 

Then we went to Barnes and Nobles for some browsing and a caramel macchiato to have with some of this: 

It was a nice birthday with fun messages from family and friends. 

Happy Reading!! 

February 19, 2013

I'm on Break!

We celebrated the 100th day last week with classroom rotations. I played "Roll to 100" with various 2nd grade groups. The idea was on a blog I follow and I wish I could thank the person, but I don't remember who it was.  (That is just how my year had been with a new grade level and taking over for a teacher in October!)

Valentine's Day was a whirlwind. We did edible math and a parent came in to make a craft.  I still have not mastered the classroom party! It just seemed smoother with 4th graders. I have another one on March 17th - so if anyone has any ideas, let me know!

One kido gave me this:


MMMM... Chocolate! 

If you are on a break this week! Enjoy!
Happy Reading! 

January 20, 2013

It's January !

I went for a ride today with my husband to a part of town we have never visited. 

While we were there, we saw a new development of houses and we decided to check out the houses. I said "I have found my future home". I just thought it was great that my first name is a street name. LOL.

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year! I have had a busy three weeks of school. Nothing too exciting to report and no good pictures. Maybe, next time!

Happy Reading!