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March 21, 2016

Busy Month!

I have been SO busy with grad school and my job. I had my second formal observation, an exam, a quiz, and a huge paper due all in the same week. I will be glad when May comes and school is done.

Hard at work last week!

Word Families 

 I bought a packet off of TPT by Karen Jones. 
Her stuff is great!
I use it for a variety of things!
 Getting ready to make word families.
 Another great website I use for word family lessons.
 When I teach - I color code all the time! 

 More lessons from the LLI Kit I use. 

 For my observation, I had the students do poetry stations.

 Station #2  

I am now enjoying my spring break. I am watching random movies and just relaxing! It's been nice!

Happy Reading!