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November 29, 2015

Sunday Night!

Happy Post Turkey Weekend! 

Who else is tired from Thanksgiving? I had my turkey and pumpkin pie. I celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday! I shopped, and shopped, and shopped! I bought some holiday gifts and some new slippers for myself. I visited with my cousins which was an unexpected treat!

I did a fun scavenger hunt with my grade 4 reading group. I found it on Super Teacher Worksheets. They loved it. Here are two pictures:

I taped this cards all over the room. 

The kidos were challenged by the mystery words.  

Rhyming words - I think this list is funny! 

More writing about a story

 A few weeks ago.... 
After reading six chapters of the Magic Tree House Book.
I love how the kids changed their ideas. 

This week I am working on the following: 

1. Main Idea and Detail
2. Reading a non-fiction text to learn new facts
3. Short /u/
4. Vowel blends /oa/ and /ow/ 
5. ReadingMagic Tree House

It will be a busy week. I have a staff development class one evening, two assemblies at work, and my grad class on Thursday night! 

Happy Reading! 

November 3, 2015

Reading Photos

I have been busy in my classroom. I felt like I had a good groove the past two weeks. We have been short subs, but the principal only pulled me once.

Here are some photos and some from this past week. I hope you enjoy them.

October Fun:

Thank you Super Teacher Worksheets

The kids love reading and writing stories about the books from 
the LLI Reading Kit. 

November Lessons: 

I gave some first graders a spelling test with random sight words and short vowel sounds. This kid did perfect: 

I started a unit on sequence and did some fun activities with the kidos. Here is the chart from day one: 

In grade five, we are reading Pinballs. I used the book last year too. The kids enjoyed the story, so I hope my new class likes it too!
I did a week long unit on summary. 
This was the one we wrote together. 
I read the individual summaries over the weekend and this year was the best I have seen from this unit!  

I am preparing for some mystery words for this week. I did mystery main idea a few weeks ago, so this is next. I want kids to start using context clues for unfamiliar words. This is part of the intro lessons: