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March 31, 2011

Here's a picture

I blogged about how I did a letter sort the other day with my kindergarten students. I use a program called Levelled Literacy Intervention. I really love how it includes fluency, word work, reading, and writing. I have been a classroom teacher for eight years. I have worked as a literacy specialist since last March. I have to say, this is one of the best programs I have used! Here is a picture of one of my lessons (I used my Iphone, so the quality isn't great):

This chart came from Really Good Stuff. Check them out! There is a whiteboard on the opposite side! It is great from small group work!

Happy Reading!

March 30, 2011

Letter Work

Here is another clever idea from The Mailbox Magazine. I love my weekly e-mails from that website!

As I read this idea I kept thinking of more ways it could be used. A teacher could do this same activity for vocabulary review, synonyms, or even a character description! This is a great idea for any elementary classroom!

Activity: Give phonics review a twist! On a large sticky note, secretly write a letter with a colorful marker. Invite a child to stand with his back to his classmates. Adhere the sticky note to the child’s back without showing it to him. Then have his classmates give him clues to the letter’s identity by naming words that begin with the letter. Soup, sock, and sand—the letter must be s!

How would you use this idea in your classroom?

Happy Reading!

March 29, 2011

My New Favorite Book

Fire Up with Reading! by Toni Buzzeo is a picture book that enthusiastically celebrates the joy of reading. Patty Lee wants to be recognized as the top reader in fourth grade and earn the right to wear the Chinese dragon costume during the Read Across America Day parade. But her rival, Carmen Rosa Pena, just might surpass her! When Carmen takes the lead, Patty Lee goes to Mrs. Skorupski for help and a new plan--listening to audio books as well as reading books!

I love how the librarian in this book encourages reading! This is a great text for lessons on classmates, competition, and peer relationships.

This author has other wonderful books. Click below to check out her website:

Toni Buzzeo

Happy Reading !

March 28, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I have been working with a group of kindergarten students. They are struggling with understanding the concept that letters have sounds. I had a variety of pictures (i.e. boat, ball, kitten, kite, robot, pizza, penguin) ready for today's lesson.

I pulled out the 5 letters and placed them across the top of a chart. I gave each student a picture. I said "Tell me what picture you have." I then said, "What sound do you hear at the beginning of the word?" Then I asked, "What letter can you place the picture under?" Each student took turns. Then I passed out a new set of pictures and we did the activity again.

I gave one of my students the picture of the kitten. I asked, "What is that a picture of?"

He responded, "It is a cat."

I replied, "Yes, it is a cat, but it is a special kind of cat. What do we call a cat that is a baby?"

He said, "A baby cat"

I responded, "Yes, it is a baby cat, but we use another name for a baby cat. Do you know the word for baby cat?"

He replied, "Max"

I said, "No, honey, it is not Max."

He replied with innocent eyes, "Well, then you better call my Mom and Dad because that is what we call the baby cat at home."

I could not help but giggle and think "from the mouths of babes."

March 18, 2011

Hello March !

Yes, I am alive and well. I have been very busy the last few weeks. Life has been crazy! Lately, I feel like I have had no time to myself!

Spring is right around the corner, so I hope everyone is enjoying some fresh air and spring blooms!

Tonight I wanted to share a clever idea from my weekly newsletter from one of my favorite websites The Mailbox Magazine. Enjoy!

Can your students learn from laundry? Sure!

In fact, sorting socks at this center improves word family skills. Prepare several pairs of colorful tagboard socks. Label each pair with a word from a different word family. Place all the socks and a supply of clothespins in a basket. A child finds two socks with words from the same word family and then clips them together with their clothes pin.

There are several ways to adapt this for other games and review lessons. Right now I am thinking about connecting the two parts of a compound word, rhyming words, matching up a short vowel word with the long vowel word (i.e. cap, cape).

Can you think of any more literacy matching concepts?

Happy Reading!