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July 29, 2012

A Little About Me

I am jumping on a Linky Party - there are a ton of people already doing it!

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Here are some facts about me:

 I could go to Disney World and Epcot EVERY YEAR and always find something new and exciting to do there!   I must admit that I have been there 10 times. My first visit was when I was six ! 

I went to NYC for the first time when I was 35 with my husband. We went back once since then and I would LOVE to go again! If it was not so expensive, I would live there! 

I LOVE STARBUCKS. I would go there everyday if I could afford it! 

I love football! I am a JETS fan even though I live on the opposite side of  the state. I still root for my home team, but when they play THE JETS, I secretly hope my JETS win! 

I love cake. I have eaten it for breakfast... SHHHH! I have such a sweet tooth. I have keep sweets out of the house! It's a good thing I also like salads and veggies, but I find it impossible to turn down cake!

If I am not watching football, I am watching Nascar. I became a fan when I was living in Florida. No one calls me on a Sunday b/c they know I won't answer the phone when my sports are on the TV. My Hubby thinks it's funny that I know more about sports than he does. Oh - I also like hockey!

I was a classroom teacher for 8 years. When I married, I began subbing with the hopes of working in a public school district. I have been a substitute teacher for a LONG time. I worked for a year as a reading specialist and it was my dream job. I just don't know if I can sub again this year. I did it last year and it made me very depressed. The thing is I love all things teaching and it is truly my passion. I keep praying this will be my year to be back in the classroom because if I don't get a job I just don't know what I am going to do !    

I love shoes! What girl doesn't? I also love the color purple. I just bought a pair of light purple pants and I cant wait to wear them this fall! 

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me!

Happy Reading !

July 27, 2012

London Calling !

I am watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and loving it because my dream vacation is London. I am enjoying all the clips of London! I wish I was there!


Happy Reading ! 

July 20, 2012

Must Have Picture Books

There is a new Linky Party about books. I have decided to join the fun!

The Teacher Wife

Here are a few of my favorites: 

These two are great for the first day of school: 

Here is a personal favorite that I have used in multiple grade levels as both a teacher and while substitute teaching. Kids love the surprise ending and its great for several lessons! Who doesn't love Robert Munsch? 

Happy Reading everyone ! 

July 14, 2012

Another Pin

For all you Hunger Games addicts:

I found this on one of the pin boards ! I am getting ready to read Matched !

July 9, 2012

Loving My Free Time

I have been looking at blogs and pinterest during my free mornings while I enjoy my coffee. It has been wonderful. I really should leave the house and go walk every morning, but I just can't motivate myself to do it when it is almost 90 outside. LOL !!

One thing I found ( and I am sorry, I do not remember where ) was this clever idea. Here is the pic I saved to my PC:

I love how it could be a literacy center, a Friday activity, or even part of a writing prompt!

Well, I am off to look at more blogs!

What has everyone else found this summer on the web? 

Happy Reading! 

July 4, 2012

Happy 4th !!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable 4th with their friends and family! 

Thank you photobucket for the picture! 

July 1, 2012

July's Currently

Here you go:

GO LINK UP by clicking on the link below:

Currently from Oh Boy Fourth Grade 

Happy Reading !!