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December 31, 2012

Happy New Year !

I wanted to share with you my New Year's Resolutions....


I want to take more time to read. I do it a lot in the summer, but not as much when I am teaching full time. I also want to remember to be kind, have more patience with adult (it is always easier with children for me) and do some RAK this year! 


I want to post more about what I am doing the the classroom I am working in Second Grade is new to me and I have been learning something new everyday. Maybe when I return in January, I can remember to stop and take some pictures ans then blog about my days! 

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December 30, 2012

12 in 12 Linky Party

It's time to reflect on the year! A lot of people have been doing this for awhile. You can go link up here: 

12 in 12 Linky Party 

Here are 12 of my favorite things: 

 12. Favorite movie you watched: 
        The Hunger Games                 

 11. Favorite TV series: 
        Big Bang Theory

 10. Favorite restaurant: 

 9. Favorite new thing you tried: 
      This is a toughie! I tried a new class at the gym and its great, but I would not say it's my favorite new thing. Plus naming a food seems too much like gluttony. LOL. How about teaching second graders? I love it, it's new, and I hope it continues!      

 8. Favorite gift you got:  This is from my Mom. It's a pen that is suppose to write for seven years, but even better is the saying because she always calls me the Grammar Police! 


7. Favorite thing you pinned:  



 6. Favorite blog post: This post still cracks me up! 

Tuesday Funny

 5. Best accomplishment: 
     Getting my current job which I LOVE !! 

 4. Favorite picture:  Waiting for JETS camp to start !
3. Favorite memory: 
     Being in California and Disney with my DH 

2. Goal for 2013: 
     Continue at my current school. We will see what happens. 

1. One Little Word:

December 26, 2012

Holly Bloggy Christmas

It's time to blog about our Bloggy Exchange!

              Holly Bloggy Christmas

I was so excited when my box arrived in the mail! I just LOVE what was given to me for this exchange!

Here are a few pictures:

My love of teaching reading made this binder the perfect gift. There were different ideas included inside!
 Here is one page which I think is awesome! I love the suggestion for using white labels to write notes about each student! How great is that!
What teacher doesn't love sharpies and flairs? I cant wait to use them in January!

Thanks to Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants

Happy Reading! 

A Giveaway !!

Go on over to this blog and enter to win some great gift cards. If you love Starbucks, Barnes and Nobles, Hobby Lobby, or Target, you might want to jump on this giveaway! I know I am going to enter!

Just make sure you follow her blog before you enter!

Go here to enter: The Peanut Gallery Gift Card Giveaway

Good luck! While you are there, go check out the rest of her blog!

Happy Reading!

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas !

It is hard to believe that my Christmas Day is already done! I hope everyone has a joyous day!

By now, all the bloggy gifts have been exchanged. I am pretty sure my bloggy friend has her gift from me! I wanted to show you what I sent her. I am not very crafty, so I gave me friend a few of my favorite things that help me get through the days!

Here they are:

Who doesn't need hand sanitizer? 
Burt's Bees is SO necessary in winter.
 Everyone loves a little treat. Milky Ways are my downfall!
 I always need notepads and I just love colorful clips 

Reward Tickets for students!
Bulletin Board Decor

The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores for teacher supplies! I love how they have a teacher section! There is a store right at my corner, so I stop there more than I should! 

Tomorrow I will blog about the great gifts I received from the bloggy exchange! 

December 24, 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus...

It's Christmas Eve. I was at the mall twice today! I helped someone shop very early. It was fun. I left and went back an hour later with my Mom to shop some more. I actually bought myself a top. I was Santa Claus to myself. We had lunch and watched the men shop.

Here's to all those kids eagerly awaiting Santa.
Prayers to all who feel a sadness this holiday season. I hope they can find hope somewhere within their hearts.

Happy Reading!

December 21, 2012

Happy Vacation!

I have had a busy December! My days were filled with math, kids telling me about where their elf on a shelf ended up each morning, and some last minute shopping. Lucky for me I do not have to shop anymore for gifts. Oh I will be at the mall on Christmas Eve.. a traditional with my Mom, but it is for fun and that's it!

I received my Bloggy GIft Exchange and was THRILLED with what was sent to me. I LOVED IT!

I hope my bloggy partner has the gift I sent and enjoyed it. I have to blog about those gifts at a later date! I am in Hallmark Movie Mode. I just love the holidays!

For now, I am happy to be on vacation for a week. I love being in second grade. I will be sad when the teacher does return from her maternity leave. I may be tired but it is a happy, content tired. I love teaching!

December 8, 2012




I need to learn to proofread better! I always have a typo! I do love my news junkie, but that really should say " I live with a news junkie!" LOL 

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December Currently

 Happy Reading!


School is keeping me busy. The holiday hustle and bustle is also keeping me busy! I haven't even had time to post this month's "Currently"

However, my hubs sent this to me and I had to share!

What the kids think I do

Loved this!

Happy Reading!