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December 31, 2013

Year in Review

It is the last day of 2013 and so many thoughts are going through my mind! 

I am grateful that I had a job teaching 2nd graders last year. I never saw myself in the primary setting having taught 4th and 5th for seven years. Turns out, I loved teaching 2nd graders. I miss the kidos and the lessons I taught. 

I began September with no job! I sent out resumes galore. November came and I had an interview. I waited, and waited... then in December I was called for a job in a classroom setting out of my comfort zone! After a weekend of soul searching and making my pro/con list.. I accepted. 

I have a lot to be thankful for from 2013. My husband always calls me Eeyore and will say "Yep, its raining again. I'm full of gloom" when I am being a pessimistic. This lead me onto my word for 2014:  


I need to trust in the path I am taking. I need to trust that the sad, the worry, the over thinking, the Eeyore in me will pass. I need to trust in the positive and remember to feel THANKFUL and happy!

Go ahead and share your own word for 2014: 

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Happy Reading ! 

December 26, 2013

13 in 13 Linky Party

It is time to remember the past year and think about a goal for 2014! Here you go: 

13. Favorite article of clothing: 

My Loft Jeans 
Yes, this is me! 
 I used to blog about my outfits. 
 I love this top, too (also from Loft) !! 

 12. Favorite movie you watched: 

 11. Favorite TV series:
 Dancing with the Stars. 

 10. Favorite restaurant: 
 MMMM… Carrabba’s 

 9. Favorite new thing you tried: 
 I have been eating fresh spinach salads. 
 Prior to this year I had never tried spinach! 

 8. Favorite gift you got: 
 Spa Gift Card from my sweet husband. 

 7. Favorite pin: 

 6. Favorite blog post:

Click here: 
       Favorite Blog Post   

 It was full of random ideas, 
but I remember feeling so happy during that time. 

 5. Best accomplishment: 
Being published in the Mailbox Magazine 

 4. Favorite picture: 
  My Mom and me at the Memorial Day parade 

 3. Favorite memory: 
 One of the second graders from last year called me a rock star. 
He made me the sweetest card at the end of the year.
 I read it whenever I feel low. 

 2. Goal for 2014: 
 Trust in God’s plan. 
 (This is SO HARD for me.) 

 1. One Little Word:

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Happy Reading!

December 21, 2013

Happy Winter Break!

It did not feel like winter today- it's raining after seven days of snow! The rain came yesterday and all the snow is gone! I wonder if there will even be a white Christmas. 

I had a crazy week. Here's what has been going on in my life: 

Last Friday, I had a call from a school district I had interviewed with a month ago. I was offered a job!!! I took the weekend to think about it. On Monday, I called and accepted the job. 

I started on Tuesday. I am working as a teacher's assistant in an autistic kindergarten. There are 8 sweet kidos. I will be in the classroom for 12 weeks and then the TA should return from a medical leave.  It is nice knowing I am going to the same place everyday again. 

I did a fun crafty yesterday with the students and another class which is a bilingual class. Here's the pic of the craft: 

I made a candy cane for myself to remember the idea. I told the teacher I am working with I was stealing her idea for the future. 

I also tutored on Thursday night. We have been working on blends:

After work yesterday I met my friends for coffee and our gift exchange. One of my besties gave me this little gift: 

She went to the Football Hall of Fame 
this past fall and thought of me! 
It's a cute tiny cup! 

Happy Winter Break everyone!

Happy Reading! 

December 8, 2013

Last Week

I have been sick since Thursday. GRRR!! I woke up with a scratchy throat. I have been in the house since Friday after I came home from the doctor! 

Wednesday I played "librarian" and the teacher came in to review the plans. She had no voice and was coughing a lot. As a sub, I don't have any control over how CLEAN (germ free) the room will be when I arrive. When a sick teacher comes in to go over plans, I get really annoyed because I usually end up sick! Yep, it happened last week! I have asthma, so I am a major germ freak from October to March especially when I am subbing. 

Here are a few random things I did this week when I was teaching. 

I helped students use an index to find weather facts.
I also talked about how to take notes from the almanac. 

Christmas around the Word
Grade 1 students learned what children celebrate in Italy.
I had never read this book. I loved it! 

Basket full of math problems.
Students took turns working out a problem. 
I can see this as a game for a math review.
Sample Problem below: 

What I woke up to one morning: 

It was so quiet when I took these. 
More snow coming this week!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I was planning on finishing my holiday shopping... no such luck. I will not be subbing tomorrow. I am taking one more day to rest and get better. 

Happy Reading everyone! 

December 2, 2013

In First Grade Today

I was in a first grade classroom working with a small group for reading. They were playing a game called "BOOM." 

The teacher had a cup full of sticks with words. The students would pull out a word and finger spell the word. Then they would use it in a sentence. I love how the teacher had them finger spelling the sounds as well has using the word in a sentence to express their understanding of word meaning. Some of the sticks had "BOOM" on it. If they pulled boom out of the cup they had to put all their sticks back in the cup and they are out of the game. 

I am pretty sure I have seen this game floating around a blog. I just can't remember who had it posted. 

I also think this would be a great review game for a test with vocabulary words, science terms, social studies concepts. The ideas are endless. I am sure with 4th or 5th graders could use this in a small reading group, but after reading a chapter in a book there could be comprehension questions.  

I loved the game and I think I may use it with the kido I tutor. 

Happy Reading! 

December 1, 2013


It's that time of year again! I don't think I had any teacher related posts. I need to start taking a pic or two at school when I sub to write about  I what am doing. Sometimes it's just so hectic, that I forget! 

Well thanks to Farley it's that time of year again: Currently

I love Hallmark movies and I love the fact that I can watch a movie every night during December. I was a busy bee this weekend, its my favorite weekend of the year and it always goes too quick! 

I have a lot of family traditions. I went to church every year with my Gam and now I take my husband. I just love midnight mass. 

I hope everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! 

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Happy Reading ! 

November 28, 2013

Turkey Day !

Happy Thanksgiving to all my bloggy friends! 

November 26, 2013

Time to be Thankful...

Time for a Linky Party! 

Here is my list of things I am thankful for: 

I am lucky to have a husband and family that help me whenever I need them. I have a few good friends that I love spending time with whenever I can! I am thankful to be healthy (even if lately I have been a gym slacker!)  

I am thankful for books because I love to read! I have extra free time this year with subbing. It's a blessing and a curse. I am trying to enjoy it instead of dread it! 

I love the memories I have of holidays from my youth. I miss those who are no longer here! 

I am thankful for the freedoms I have in this country which means I am thankful for all who protect and serve our country. 

Tell me - who isn't thankful for chocolate?? It was this or coffee. LOL 

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Happy Reading everyone!!  

November 22, 2013

Catching Fire

"Want a sugar cube?" 

I was so happy last night to go see Catching Fire. I just love Josh as Peeta and now Sam as Finnick. DREAMY! 

For a movie that started out as a book, I was impressed. I won't type any spoilers because I  really hate when that happens to me, but I will say there were 3 things from the book I wish had been in the movie. 

I would recommend this movie, it had a lot of action. My mom jumped in her seat once and she also has read the book! I liked it even better than the first one. 

Also, the pictures in my head are still there from reading the book and them movie did not ruin them! 

Happy reading everyone!  

November 20, 2013

So Excited for Tomorrow !

Tomorrow I am going to see this: 

I have been rereading the book and will be seeing the show at 9:00! 


November 15, 2013

I am a BAD Spelling Slacker!

I have wanted to post this all week. The time got away from me! 

Here is "My Celebrity Crush Truth:" 

Yes, I know there is a typo.. that just goes along with my week! 

Thank you Denise for hosting this blog linky:  
     Sunny Days My Truth  

Happy Reading ! 

November 11, 2013

Thank You !

I hope everyone is taking the time to thank a veteran today! 

November 5, 2013

My Truth Monday.. A day late!

I love these links! Go check out Sunny Days for more: 

My Truth Monday 

Here is the next installment of "My Truth Monday" 

Well, there you have it. I found a career I love.. I just need to find my forever classroom! 

Happy Reading! 

November 3, 2013

Hello November! Here's my Currently

Here is this month's Currently from Farley: 

November Currently 

Here is mine: 


I am enjoying my Sunday relaxing and watching football. I am reading blogs during the commercials. It doesn't get any better than this! I am thinking this would be a good time to start some RAK, I'm just not sure what kind of random acts, I should do. Looking for ideas, please! 

Below is a yummy pin: Red Velvet cake mix to make cookies! 


Happy Reading everyone! 

October 31, 2013


I hope everyone has a fun day with their students and their kidos at home! 

I am enjoying all the crazy AM costumes on The Today Show and Kelly & Michael. It's hard to believe that a year ago I was teaching second graders. I miss them, but pray my forever job is out there!

Have a BOO-UTIFUL Halloween!!!   

October 29, 2013

Monday Truth ... on Tuesday

I had every intention to do this, but I forgot! Then Dancing with the Stars started and before I knew it, bedtime! 

Here is My Creepy Truth: 

Go over and check other what other bloggers have posted about their creepy truths! Go here: 

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Enjoy! Happy Reading ! 

October 25, 2013

Happy Friday !

I was teaching today and the kidos had library. She read a great book to the class and as she read all I could  think was "This would be great for a cause and effect lesson!" 

Here's the cute video she showed : 

Here's the book: 


Now I have another book I need to buy! 

Happy Reading! 

October 23, 2013

"What Day is it?" said the Geico camel.

All I can hear in my head today is: MIKE,MIKE.MIKE,MIKE LOL!

First of all this is my 301 post. WHAT? 

Who knew this grad school project would turn into something? I may not have the fanciest blog, the most visitors, or a $1,000,000 TPT store, but I do love my blog! It's nice to go back and find ideas I liked in the classroom to use when I tutor.  It's nice when someone gives me a shout out! 

Now onto the reason for my post: Here's a funny poem I wanted to share. I was deleting files on the laptop and came upon this. I have never used it, but maybe someone in blog land will.  

Difficult Math Test
                                     By: Robert Scotellaro

Whoopie! A test! Whoopie! A test!
We’re having a difficult test!
We’d also enjoy being kicked by a mule,
then dipped in a caldron of bubbling drool,
but a difficult test is best!

A woodpecker pecking a tune on your head,
then trapped in a might collapsible bed,
or dancing barefooted with ol’ Frankenstein,
sure, all of these things, why of course, would be fine,
but a difficult test is best!

Or baked in a pie in an oven too hot,
and having your fingers all tied in a knot,
then using a chair made of porcupine quills,
can also provide you a great deal of thrills,
but a difficult test is best!

Or put in a vise and then squeezed till you’re flat,
or sharing your room with a twenty-foot rat,
and then wearing some tight cactus underwear,
but none of, no none of these things can compare

to the joys of a difficult test! 

Happy Reading!

October 22, 2013

My Fitness Truth

I am linking up with Sunny Days in Second Grade for a fun linky party. 

Here is my truth about fitness: 

1. I am a water baby. I LOVE the water and would swim everyday if I had a pool.. and of course I did not live in New York where the pools close in September. One day I will join the Y so I can swim everyday. I always tell my Mom I will retire to a southern state and teach watercise to my fellow seniors. 

2. I love spinning. If I wasn't so busy I would go everyday! I go with a teacher friend or my Mom. It's not always easy, but I do feel great afterwards. 

3. The DH and I go for walks in the mall in the winter. Its nice. 

4. I'd love to be a runner, but every time I try, I cant run very far or for very long. Oh well... It's a goal! 

5. Finally, when I eat healthy 80% of the time and manage to get to the gym ... It's been a good week! 

What's your fitness truth? GO read the some more here: 
Sunny Days

Happy Reading! 

October 12, 2013

Super Second Grade !

I was asked to work in a second grade for a week at a school I worked as as a reading teacher 3 years ago. It was HEAVEN!! Second Graders are the best. It made me miss my second graders from last year, but I was happy to see a lot of my teacher friends! 

I don't know if you know it, but I love to teach writing! Teaching it all day would be my dream job!

First, I read this cute book. It was a book I have never read and now I want a copy!  

We had a class discussion about what made the story so good which led to this cute poster. Looking at it now the OCD in me is going crazy over the sloppy writing. LOL. The example is from the book. 

The we color coded two writing samples to discuss which one was better and why.  Here is an example:  

I loved teaching in the same place all week. I keep hoping there is a job for me right around the corner. 

Happy Reading! 

October 6, 2013

Currently for October

I had a crazy week, so I am late at this, but I do love  posting my Currently! 

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Happy Reading ! 

September 29, 2013

What ??

Where did the month go? I cannot believe it will be October 1st on Tuesday! 

I worked when I could, but I am still feeling down about not having a job. It's so frustrating and I just do not know what I am going to do. Teaching is my passion, and a part of me is so depressed because I am subbing. I am beginning to think there is something wrong with me. : ( 

I am hoping something will happen in October  just like last year! Send me job dust and prayers, please! 

Happy Teaching and Reading everyone!

September 22, 2013

Watch this video!

My husband sent me this video and I had to share! It is so wonderful! It's pro teacher and student! Please check it out: 

Teachers and Students from the Eyes of a Kido 

I tried to link the video, but I am not that tech savvy. LOL! 


September 15, 2013

Sunday Night Update

I have been a little absent from blogging. I hope all those wonderful teachers out there have enjoyed getting back to work. 

I spent two days subbing in grade 3 this past week at the school where I worked at a reading teacher two years ago. It was nice to see some of my old friends. The teachers were thrilled to see they can request me again, but shocked to see me back to subbing! I had some requests while I was at school, so at least I am getting back into working. 

I also have spent some time reading. I have been in a young adult mood and had a stack of books from the library. I tutor there once a week, so its easy to wander in the stacks and find a few ... a ton of books. Here are the latest three I have read: 


All three of these books kept me entertained. I laughed at the parts where I recalled my own teenage memories. I recommend these books to anyone who wants a quick read. Of course.. a lot of you ladies are in teacher mode, so you may have to put them on your holiday break reading list! 

Happy Reading Everyone! 

September 7, 2013

It's That Time....

I had one of these yesterday: 

I LOVE pumpkin! I adore pumpkin spice lattes! As soon as I saw the sign that they were out, I drove on over to my favorite place - Barnes and Nobles and order one. 


I may be sad that the pool time and summer is over.. but at least I can cheer myself up with one of these! 

September 3, 2013

Hello September !

I have been absent trying to enjoy the last two weeks of summer. I also was not in a blogging mood. I tried to stay away from the blogs because teachers were going back to work and I was not called for one interview. Last summer  I had 8 interviews, so its very frustrating!

It's back to a new month and that means... Currently! 

Here's mine: 


The DH and I went away this past weekend to go see one of my favorite bands. I have loved them since  I was 14... heck I love 80's music! We had a blast! 

I have been a bad girl during the month of August eating bad food! I need to get back to my healthy eating. I try to follow the 80/20 rule, but summer just has too many good foods! 

I would like to buy some new shoes, but I need to work and make some money first. LOL! 

I love love spinning for so many reasons. It helps me clear my head and makes me feel powerful! I like to talk a lot. I need to try and listen more. I also need to complain less because in the big picture, life is pretty good!

Go check out Farley's blog: 

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Happy Reading! 

August 11, 2013

Sunny Sunday !

It was a sunny day and my husband and I went to another "Taste" today. We took an hour drive to one of our favorite towns. (He proposed to me there !!) We spent some time in the shops and then had some yummy food! I bought this cute card which I am going to put in a frame:  

That was fun, but the most exciting thing that happened was when I looked in my mailbox yesterday to see a copy of The Mailbox Magazine. At first I was so confused. I no longer have a subscription to this magazine because I have been subbing the last few years.  Then I saw this on the back cover: 


I have been feeling a bit low because I have not had any interviews for jobs, so to see that my idea was published in the Oct./Nov. issues made me feel good! 

It has been another sunny weekend and it's ending on a great note! I hope that is a positive sign for something good in my future! 

Happy Reading 

GOOD LUCK to all the teachers that may have first days this week! 

August 9, 2013

Happy Friday !

I had a busy week and I am joining "Five for Friday" for the first time. 

If you want to join.. go link up here:

Five for Friday 

1. Read The Lemonade War. I was thinking this would be a middle school book, but I could see it in grade 4. It's about sibling rivalry. I love how each chapter starts with a vocabulary word and there is also math problems within the story. 

2. The husband and  I went to the fair today. I bought new socks for the fall. I had one of these yummy sandwiches: 


3. Tonight I am watching this: 

                                I LOVE FOOTBALL !! 

4. I spent 3 days enjoying one of the perks of summer:

                                       Thanks Mom for letting me enjoy your pool!  

5. I am beginning to panic because I still do not have this: 

Please send me some job dust and prayers for my own classroom in the next two weeks. 

Happy Reading everyone! 

August 1, 2013

August's Currently

WHAT? It's August. How did that happen? 

Well it's that time again. Farley's Currently: 

Go link up:  August Currently 

Happy Reading! 

July 24, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday!

I cannot believe I have been reading posts of teachers getting ready to go back to work. I envy them because they have jobs. I am still on summer posting mode - which means another non-teaching post! 

Yesterday the husband and I went on a little driving adventure. Neither one of use is great with directions. We got lost a few times! I so need a GPS for my car!!  We went to this store for the first time: 

I saw a desk chair I would like & a dresser. I have been married for nine years and I don't have a dresser. Crazy, I know! I have a closet with an open shelving unit I bought from Target, but I could REALLY use a dresser! 

Here are two of the items we bought: 

Aren't these pot holders awesome? 

We bought two sets of these bowls. I love the purple & blue ones! 

It was fun being in there and I cannot wait to go back again. 

Then later after we had recovered from being lost a few times today. He sent me this: 

He found it on Facebook. I don't have Facebook. Yes - it's true! I live in the dark ages. LOL! He couldn't remember the source! OPPS! 

Hope everyone had a blessed day! 
Happy Reading! 

July 22, 2013

Summer Fun

Another Non-Teaching Post! 

I have been having a busy week! I spent three days in the pool with a teacher friend of mine. My Mom was on vacation and said "Seriously, enough teacher talk!"

Does anyone else talk about teacher ALL THE TIME??

One thing I did last week was go to an "Afternoon Tea." I am more of a coffee drinker, so I had that.

I shopped some back to school sales. I love going into the stores and just walking the supplies aisles.  I think I have a problem. 

I celebrated my brother's birthday. I was surprised by a visit from my cousins from Florida and Texas! I really hate surprises - but  I guess the look on my face was "PRICELESS" to quote my family! It was quite fun! 

I still have a month of summer and I am still job hunting. I am praying for job dust! 

Happy Reading everyone!