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June 29, 2013

Currently... for July

It is that time again! I feel like I just did this! I want summer to slow down. Well, it has been rain, rain, rain here.. I've only been in the pool twice!!! GRRRR!  

Thank you to Farley for hosting this! Go check out everyone's Currently!  
Click here :    July’s Currently

Here is mine: 

  • Yes I am addicted to Big Brother. I have watched every season since the second year. I always tell one of my teacher friend I am going to try out, but then I realize.. I am too old! LOL 
  • I love how I have time to organize, walk everyday, go to the pool (when it isn't raining!!), read for pleasure, go listen to music on weeknights, go to lunch, blog stalk, and not feel guilty about just relaxing! 
  • It is suppose to rain for the next 5 days!  GRRRR ! 
  • If you have been reading my blog you know I have been a long term sub this past year, and well.... I am still looking for my forever school! I am praying it happens this summer! 
  • I love looking at photos in blogs. I try to ass my own pictures, it really helps! 
Happy Reading everyone!

June 27, 2013

Random Thoughts!

I have had a week to reflect on my school year. It's much easier to see the good in a stressful job when you've been away from it for a week. I would love a job again working with second graders. I say a little prayer every morning that a job will come my way for the fall. Then I try to move on and think of what can I do today to enjoy this summer.

I spent some time in the sun at the pool. I relaxed on my new patio. I went for a morning walk - that is one of my summer goals... to take a walk 3 mornings a week. I asked to friend to walk with me on the days she is not teaching! It will be fun to chat and walk with her. We are also going to go to spinning together during the week. I am trying to do one thing everyday to get out of the house and enjoy this summer. Summer always goes too fast!

I would like to make some summer crafts, but not sure yet what I want to make. Maybe some Monday Made It posts will help give me ideas. 

This AM I read a few fun blogs (because it's gloomy so no pool for me - BOO!) because I moved over to bloglovin. Then I happen to find this fun website where I made this:


Yeah - I am a little obsessed with coffee and these posters! 
Check out the site below. It's fun: 

Keep Calm Posters

Well, I need to go a walk before the rain comes! 

Happy Reading Everyone! 

June 23, 2013

First Weekend of Summer

Well, here is what I enjoyed this weekend:


I wanted to share this picture of this gift I gave to my parent volunteer who rocked this year. I would have been lost without her! 

I need to think about what I want to do for the week. I am not sure what I should put on my summer bucket list, but I want make sure I enjoy my summer!

Happy Reading!

June 21, 2013


I am officially on summer vacation !  I hugged the secretary & my partner for the year good bye. A I drove away  I said "Goodbye" to the school.  

I had a tough year, but  I learned SO much! I taught a new grade level and discovered I love second graders. 

It's time to relax, pool it, and have the vacation I need to de-stress! 


June 17, 2013

Almost Done !

I survived Field Day with the kidos. We enjoyed some water games, freezie pops, and a read aloud. I also managed to get some things organized in the classroom. It is a strange feeling cleaning and packing up someone's room. Every day for the past week, I have brought a box of something home! I tried not to buy too much for this job because it was not my forever school. I did buy a few things for end of the year gifts for the kidos.

Here are a few random pictures
Parent Gift made by kidos !

Labeling the parts of a plant ! 

More pictures to come. 

There are two days left with kids! 

"I think I can, I think I can..... " 

Happy Reading ! 

June 9, 2013

Still Teaching Strong!

I have 7 and 1/2 days with my kidos left. Some of the kidos are ready for the fun days - the upcoming field trip and the field day. Here are a few photos of the activities we have done: 

Kids will be decorating the gift bags and writing notes this week. 
 I went with colorful card stock for the hand prints.  

We started a unit on plants and the kids love it! I actually had two pages of "What I know about plants" 
I had my students draw their own life cycles. 

I am finishing up a unit on measurement this week and then giving my students their last math test of the year next Monday. I think Tuesday will be game day in math.

On a non-teaching note : I did an outdoor spin at my gym to support the local cancer research hospital. There is a huge bike ride in a few weeks and every year my gym drags the spin bikes outside to raise money in honor of the bike ride. Here is a pick of me during the ride: 

Today I went to an art festival with the husband. After three days of rain the sunshine was wonderful! I bought two cute things from two local artists: 

It's back work and rain tomorrow! It's my last full week - I can't believe it!  

Happy Reading ! 

June 3, 2013


Well, here is my second post of the night. It is that time again! Hop over to Farley's blog and read a few!  

Here is the link: 

Farley’s June Currently Page

Here is mine:  

Happy Reading ! 

June.. WHAT??

I cannot believe May is over. Where did the time go? 

I have 12 days left with students. I am sad about it because I like the kids. Plus, I will have worked at another school with no job for next year. It makes me wonder what God has in store for me! 

Anyway, here is what  I did this on Sunday:  

Yeah - ignore that bag of mulch. I ran out of steam when it came to the last bag. LOL. 

I have a few more things to do with flowers, but there is the start! 

I am now onto working on parent volunteer gifts, Father's Day gifts, and a mini plant unit. There's a lot to do with the kids and not a lot of time left! YIKES ! 

Happy Reading !