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If you can read this, thank a teacher !!

July 24, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday!

I cannot believe I have been reading posts of teachers getting ready to go back to work. I envy them because they have jobs. I am still on summer posting mode - which means another non-teaching post! 

Yesterday the husband and I went on a little driving adventure. Neither one of use is great with directions. We got lost a few times! I so need a GPS for my car!!  We went to this store for the first time: 

I saw a desk chair I would like & a dresser. I have been married for nine years and I don't have a dresser. Crazy, I know! I have a closet with an open shelving unit I bought from Target, but I could REALLY use a dresser! 

Here are two of the items we bought: 

Aren't these pot holders awesome? 

We bought two sets of these bowls. I love the purple & blue ones! 

It was fun being in there and I cannot wait to go back again. 

Then later after we had recovered from being lost a few times today. He sent me this: 

He found it on Facebook. I don't have Facebook. Yes - it's true! I live in the dark ages. LOL! He couldn't remember the source! OPPS! 

Hope everyone had a blessed day! 
Happy Reading! 

July 22, 2013

Summer Fun

Another Non-Teaching Post! 

I have been having a busy week! I spent three days in the pool with a teacher friend of mine. My Mom was on vacation and said "Seriously, enough teacher talk!"

Does anyone else talk about teacher ALL THE TIME??

One thing I did last week was go to an "Afternoon Tea." I am more of a coffee drinker, so I had that.

I shopped some back to school sales. I love going into the stores and just walking the supplies aisles.  I think I have a problem. 

I celebrated my brother's birthday. I was surprised by a visit from my cousins from Florida and Texas! I really hate surprises - but  I guess the look on my face was "PRICELESS" to quote my family! It was quite fun! 

I still have a month of summer and I am still job hunting. I am praying for job dust! 

Happy Reading everyone!

July 14, 2013

Weekend Rundown!

The summer weather arrived and I am so happy! It hit 90 here today. I was outside all day and it was HOT, but I love the sun! 

Friday: Concert! Brad Paisley!! The first 2 pictures are from the online article and the second 2 are from my Iphone where I was sitting. I was dead center!  At one point he came into the audience and was right behind me. It was exciting!

Saturday:  POOL SIDE !! 

Sunday: Our local "Taste!" It's a huge food fest! I ate too much, but it was GREAT !

Thanks for reading my non-teaching post!
Happy Reading! 

July 8, 2013

Happy Monday !

Well, it may have rained over the weekend, but lucky for me, it happened after midnight!! I was able to swim everyday and enjoy the sunshine! 

I also went to the drive in to see these two movies: 

I liked Despicable Me 2 a little more that Monsters University, but they were both really cute! 

I also saw this: 

We went to see Shakespeare in the Park. It is a free event where we enjoyed a pizza and snacks. I love how so many quotes from this play are used on t.v. and movies even today! 

It was a fun weekend and I am glad I did some summer bucket list activities. 

Happy Reading! 

July 4, 2013

Happy 4th !

I hope everyone has a fun and safe 
4th of July!

Here's an old school video from School House Rocks 
about The 4th:  

July 3, 2013

YAY. Sunshine.

I am heading out the door in a few to go enjoy the sun and hopefully a swim. I am sure the water will be cold  since it rained the last 2 days! 

I was doing some more organizing yesterday and found one of my favorite projects I did this year. I taught reading lessons about character traits. We made a list of traits and talked about "positive" and "negative" traits. Then made these cute people to hang in the room for the year.Here is mine: 


Well, I am off to the pool! Hope the sun stays out!! 

Happy Reading! 

July 1, 2013

Hello July !

It was ANOTHER rainy day in NY. GRRR ! 

 I needed something to do today, so I took a huge pile of papers I have been piling up in a bookcase all year and decided to organize it. I made three piles and then decided to make a WRITING binder! 

Here was one of the piles that I recycled: 

Here is the binder where I organized all my writing from the year: 

I STILL have a huge pile to go through! It is suppose to rain AGAIN tomorrow, so I will continue to organize. 

Praying for sun! 

Happy Reading!