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February 17, 2016

Photos From Last Week

I am enjoying my week off! I have already stayed up late and screwed up my sleep schedule. I wonder if other teachers do the same thing when they have a week off from school.

Here are some photos from last week:

After reading, students made Venn Diagrams:
 I had a sort activity for the kidos.
Some added an interesting fact.
 We use "I Can" statements.
This time the kidos wrote their own.

 I made a word sort.
I am hoping to add a page and then add it to
 I love this kid! 
She's sweet, hard worker!
This is the Valentine that cutie gave me: 
 I love how the pencil matches!! 

Another student that I love is in a 
different reading group now.
 I had to copy some pages from her writing. 
I love her printing and her pictures!

She was 

It was a nice week with my students! They are coming along in reading. A few kids were able to "graduate" from me! Good for them! 

Happy Reading Everyone!

February 6, 2016

Currently and a Few Pictures

I have had a busy week of meetings and my first mentor meeting with my group. I had my first quiz in my one grad class and wrote my first paper. It is going to be a busy, busy semester! 

Here is this month's Currently. 
My husband is a news junkie, so the news is on WAY TOO MUCH in my house!
I spent a quiet Saturday working on grad school work, but the sun was shining and a lot of laundry was done, too! 
I am looking forward to a week off from the craziness of work. 
I just want the snow to end and the sun and heat to return. 
Since grad school started two weeks ago, I am going to feel like I need more time when what  I really need to do is manage my time better. I need to keep telling myself it will all get done! 

Go check out Farley's Currently post: February Currently

Now here are some pictures from my room. These are a week old because last week I had meetings. 
Here are some pictures from my observation lesson. I teach the LLI Program and I added some additional parts to the lesson: 

Writing Model 
I gave the kids a vocabulary sheet and had them circle the words they used in their writing. The kids choose a photo from a bunch I had copied to write about in their journals. 

Exit Ticket
I used this to assess my students. 

In grade three the kidos read a book with the substitute. I loved all the notes she took from the student responses. My next step is to get them to take good notes using text evidence in a graphic organizer.

One more writing sample from a kido: 
I guess there is research on having students write without lines, but the perfectionist in me always puts lines in the kidos papers. Plus they love choosing a color from my smelly markers. I think it motivates them to write. Any thoughts?