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August 31, 2011

Clever Website

My sweet husband sent me a link for a teacher websites he found on Facebook. He is the Facebook addict in the house. LOL.

Here is the website:


If you have computers in your room, this website is a great addition for a literacy center. I have been playing the "Spell a Picture" game. I love how two partners could team up and take turns to spell words. The partner could try and guess which word their partner was spelling.

I also tried the "Tell a Story" page. This would be a great way to publish stories! There is also a "Make a Card" page where students could make thank you cards, open house invites, and several more!

Enjoy playing around with this website... the possibilities are endless!

Happy Reading !

August 30, 2011

Morning Routine Idea

My The newsletter sent me a cute morning routine idea for primary students:

This attendance book starts a daily routine that allows children to see their progress in writing their names. Use those individual photos from your class pictures to make a supply of sign-in sheet. Each morning, date one of the sheets and place it by the door. Have each youngster find his/her photo and sign his/her name beside it. Store the completed sheets in a notebook. During conference time, the notebook is a handy way to show a part of each child’s development. Not only can the teacher glance at this list in the AM to see if everyone is present, but I think this is a great way for students to become familiar with the names of their classmates.

This is also a great tool for a substitute teacher to use during the day to call on students!!

Happy Reading!

August 26, 2011

What happened to summer ??

In one week it will be September!!!!!!!!!!

I want my summer back!

August 24, 2011

Tuesday Talk: Advice for New Teachers

Today's Linky Party is from Blog Hoppin' and teachers are sharing advice to new teachers. Check out all the other teachers who are giving advice here:
Teacher Advice

Here are my "words of wisdom":

1. Get a good night's sleep !! You may want to grade one more paper, read one more book report, look up one more idea on the Internet. SET A BEDTIME and STICK TOO IT! It will be better for you, your health & your students!

2. Don't try and do everything your first year. You will want to, but it will become too much, too soon!! Choose one subject area you want to really focus on and give that subject your all! Try different things, develop some great lessons for that subject. Then next year, move onto another subject!

3. Choose ONE day to stay late. Do you plans, organize, gets your supplies and copies ready for the next 5 days, make a few back up plans. Then REPEAT!

4. Pick one day a week and leave right away. Grab a cup of coffee, go to Target, go to the gym. Take this time to treat yourself to a non-school thing for at least an hour!

5. Talk to your students individually. Spend 15 minutes a day and just talk. They really just want you to like them. Make them feel like they are your favorite student for those precious 15 minutes. It will pay off on so many levels!

6. Take the time to sit back and reflect. It really does make one a better teacher!

Happy School Year Everyone!

August 20, 2011

A Linky Party of Your Favs...

One of my favorite bloggers is taking a mental break and having a fun linky party post. Here is her post : Favs in Photos

I decided to join the fun!

Summer Activity:
Swimming & Sunning at Mom's Pool




Cake and Pasta

Teacher Supplies:

Magnetic Letters & Markers

Back to School Read Aloud:

First Day Jitters

Comic Strip Character:


A few of my favorite blogs:


Go join the party!!

August 9, 2011


One of the blogs I read ( Confessions of an Untenured Teacher) has some great advice for a happy September. I know some teachers are already back to school this week, but I loved her blog post so I wanted to share the link here:

A Happy September

Go ahead an go take a look! Good luck to those teachers who will have their first day soon!

Happy Reading!!

August 3, 2011

Two Reading Ideas

Here are two AWESOME ideas from my weekly newsletter from

Sentence Makers
This activity will have your students visiting and revisiting your big books or class-made books. Pick a book that has simple, repetitive text. Label a separate index card with each word that is used in the story. Store the word cards in a library pocket or plastic bag that is taped to the inside of the back cover. To complete the activity, a child takes out the word cards, opens the book to one of its pages, and uses the cards to copy the sentence that is on that page. Challenge each youngster to make the sentences for the entire book.

I think this idea would work well in a center. A few books could be placed there and students could work with a partner to match the sentences to the books.

Favorite Tales Glyph
Here's a unique way for youngsters to share which fairy tales are their favorites. Give each child a copy of a castle pattern. Ask the students to keep her favorite fairy tale in mind as she listens to the instructions below and adds details to her castle. When the glyphs are finished, invite youngsters to share them in small groups. Or, as a challenge, have each child show her completed castle to a partner without telling her partner what her favorite fairy tale is. Have the partner analyze the glyph to guess the tale. As an extension, help students use the glyphs to graph data, such as how many tales had wolves.

Glyph Guide
• Does your fairy tale have a wolf? If yes, draw a single door. If no, draw a double door.
• Does your fairy tale have a set of three (such as three pigs or three bears)? If yes, draw three windows across the center. If no, draw one big window.
• Does your fairy tale have a witch? If yes, draw a flag on top of one of the turrets.
• Does your fairy tale have children? If yes, draw flowers on the ground outside the castle.

What a great way to end a fairy tale unit!

Happy Reading!