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April 30, 2012

Two Quick Ideas

Idea Number One:

I have been working with a student on chunking words instead of sounding out each individual letter. It has been a slow process, but she is slowly getting better. In order for her to see chunks we have been doing a lot of practice with compound words. It has helped!

We have worked on a lot of words and the other day during our session she wanted to read and write about food, so I had a light bulb moment and now we are going to work on FOOD compound words.

I cut index cards in half and made up my list of food words. I also put a pink dot on the upper left hand corner for the words that are in the first half of the compound word. I am looking forward to doing this activity with my student.

Idea Number Two:

I usually play Hangman on a white board to end my reading session. I use words we are practicing, word family words, or words from the text we read that session. My student actually came up with a fun alternative to this game. She is so clever!!

1. Think of a sentence.
2. Write the sentence across the top of the white board, BUT use one word as your hangman word.

          Example:   I  went  to  buy some _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   at the store.

3. Ask your partner for a letter like you normally do during hangman.
4. Continue to play as normal.
5. If the student gives you five letter guesses and all the blanks are still there, then give a clue to help with the missing word. 

She just loves to play this game!

I hope these ideas will end up in a learning center or give you a quick activity to do during your school day!

Happy Reading!

April 17, 2012

Five Favorite Things

Here is a fun linky party about your five favorite things about April. If you want to join, go link up here:

Five Favorite Things Linky Party 

1. My week off from school! Yes, it is over and I subbed today, but I did enjoy having ME time!

2. Making a reservation to go to California with the DH. I have never been and I cannot wait!

3. The sunshine! I love when it is lighter longer!  (I want the heat now, too!)

4.  I loved being with family on Easter Sunday for brunch!

5. Getting my family members hooked on The Hunger Games series.. especially my brother who has never been one to read. For him to read and love all three books on my recommendation, to the point where we can talk about the books for hours makes the reading teacher in me SO HAPPY! 

Happy Reading!

April 14, 2012

It's Already Saturday!!

Yes, I am still obsessing over The Hunger Games. The hubs thinks I may need to talk to a therapist about it. LOL !!  I have been talking to my Mom & my brother the past two days about the books. My Mom just finished Catching Fire and my brother just finished Mockingjay.  I am glad to see I have brought two of my family members into my obsession. Of course, they are not as obsessed about it as I am! LOL

I was busy this past week with appointments and errands. I feel like I really did not get to relax during this week off from subbing! I applied for some teaching jobs. I even had an interview this week for a reading position. More layoffs are coming in my area with a lot of teachers losing their jobs for the second year in a row. It makes me sad. I am not sure what  I will be doing come September. I keep praying that I am back in a classroom, but the competition for a job is getting worse and worse.

I was surprised that only one person entered my giveaway. I guess I will be sending two books to this poster unless some more people post before 11:00 tonight!

My teaching and tutoring brain have not had any exciting new ideas to share lately. I wonder if it just that time of year. It's testing time here in NY when schools start back up on Monday. I may have a slow subbing week! Only time will tell!

Happy Reading!!

April 9, 2012

Giveaway Time !

Time for my First Giveaway !
I am one follower away from 50, plus I am in the mood to give away three of my favorite poetry books! I plan to include a surprise with each book, too! Maybe some fun gel pens or cute post it notes.
Here is the books I am giving away - so that means THREE winners!! Here are my three favorite books!!

I just love this book by Jack Prelutsky!

I have loved Shel Silverstein since I was a third grader and my teacher would read these poems after lunch. I remember we would always beg for more!

Bone Poems by Jeff Moss. Who doesn't love poems about dinosaurs? I used this when I taught my theme on dinosaurs in grade one.

Just leave me a comment to enter. I will pick a random winner for each book! Here is what you have to do:

1. Tell me if you are a follower and what you love about poetry. Make sure you tell me which book you want to win, too!
2. Tell me which book you would love and one way you would use it in your classroom.
3. Blog about my giveaway! Again tell me which book you want to win!

Don't forget to leave me an email so I can contact you if you win!

You have 3 chances to win your favorite book! !! Good luck! Make sure you enter by Saturday by 11:00p.m. When I wake up Sunday, I will do the drawings!

Good luck !

Happy Reading!

April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their family and friends. I sure did with my family!

I will be on spring break this week. I am thinking of having a giveaway because I am almost at 50 followers. I love to write about teaching because it is a passion of mine. I envy a lot of those other creative bloggers out there, so it is nice to know there are a few readers out there who enjoy my blog!

I have a few things planned for my week off. I look forward to reading some of my favorite teacher blogs! I am sure I will do some Hunger Games blog/ fan page stalking. My obsession with the book continues. I finally convinced my Mom to read the book! She is enjoying it!!

Keep watching for my giveaway... it may be some of my favorite poetry books in honor of April.

Today's Hunger Games Quote:

“Kind people have a way of working their way inside me and rooting there.”
― Katniss Everdeen

Happy Reading!

April 1, 2012


Yes, I am posting twice in one day. Here is my addition to this month's "Currently" from a wonderful blogger by the name of Farley!

Go link up here: April's Currently

I decided flying would be a great superpower b/c I want to go to so many places. I just have to figure out how my clothes would get to my destinations. LOL !!

Happy Reading!

Hunger Games

I love Peeta !
I read this book about one month ago and LOVED it!! I went to the movie yesterday. It was not bad! The book is ALWAYS better, but I did enjoy myself. My brother and I spent dinner boring our spouses discussing why we liked the book so much better. LOL !

I leave you with this thought:
“I wish I could freeze this moment right here, right now, and live in it forever" ~Peeta Mellark

Happy Reading!!