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If you can read this, thank a teacher !!

September 29, 2013

What ??

Where did the month go? I cannot believe it will be October 1st on Tuesday! 

I worked when I could, but I am still feeling down about not having a job. It's so frustrating and I just do not know what I am going to do. Teaching is my passion, and a part of me is so depressed because I am subbing. I am beginning to think there is something wrong with me. : ( 

I am hoping something will happen in October  just like last year! Send me job dust and prayers, please! 

Happy Teaching and Reading everyone!

September 22, 2013

Watch this video!

My husband sent me this video and I had to share! It is so wonderful! It's pro teacher and student! Please check it out: 

Teachers and Students from the Eyes of a Kido 

I tried to link the video, but I am not that tech savvy. LOL! 


September 15, 2013

Sunday Night Update

I have been a little absent from blogging. I hope all those wonderful teachers out there have enjoyed getting back to work. 

I spent two days subbing in grade 3 this past week at the school where I worked at a reading teacher two years ago. It was nice to see some of my old friends. The teachers were thrilled to see they can request me again, but shocked to see me back to subbing! I had some requests while I was at school, so at least I am getting back into working. 

I also have spent some time reading. I have been in a young adult mood and had a stack of books from the library. I tutor there once a week, so its easy to wander in the stacks and find a few ... a ton of books. Here are the latest three I have read: 


All three of these books kept me entertained. I laughed at the parts where I recalled my own teenage memories. I recommend these books to anyone who wants a quick read. Of course.. a lot of you ladies are in teacher mode, so you may have to put them on your holiday break reading list! 

Happy Reading Everyone! 

September 7, 2013

It's That Time....

I had one of these yesterday: 

I LOVE pumpkin! I adore pumpkin spice lattes! As soon as I saw the sign that they were out, I drove on over to my favorite place - Barnes and Nobles and order one. 


I may be sad that the pool time and summer is over.. but at least I can cheer myself up with one of these! 

September 3, 2013

Hello September !

I have been absent trying to enjoy the last two weeks of summer. I also was not in a blogging mood. I tried to stay away from the blogs because teachers were going back to work and I was not called for one interview. Last summer  I had 8 interviews, so its very frustrating!

It's back to a new month and that means... Currently! 

Here's mine: 


The DH and I went away this past weekend to go see one of my favorite bands. I have loved them since  I was 14... heck I love 80's music! We had a blast! 

I have been a bad girl during the month of August eating bad food! I need to get back to my healthy eating. I try to follow the 80/20 rule, but summer just has too many good foods! 

I would like to buy some new shoes, but I need to work and make some money first. LOL! 

I love love spinning for so many reasons. It helps me clear my head and makes me feel powerful! I like to talk a lot. I need to try and listen more. I also need to complain less because in the big picture, life is pretty good!

Go check out Farley's blog: 

Farley’s Currently 

Happy Reading!