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If you can read this, thank a teacher !!

January 31, 2014

Happy Friday!

I am glad this week is over. I just do not like it when there are cold days. It offsets the kids as well as me! I am going out tonight to see an 80's band for a few hours. The DH and I are taking my Mom out for a birthday drink. 

Here's a thought for the night: 

How many days until spring? 

Happy Reading!

January 29, 2014

It's TOO Cold!!!

The last two days have been cold days! I had to work the past two days, but there were no kidos there. I did a lot of prep work for the next two weeks, which was nice, but I am ready for a normal work day. Here is a quick pics from two lessons I was working on before the cold day: 


We are working on the -at family. 

I hope to take some pics during the next two days. The kidos should be back tomorrow. 

I must say - I am tired of the snow and cold. When is spring? 

Happy Reading! 

January 18, 2014

Happy Three Day Weekend!

I am so happy it is a three day weekend! I had a long week and did not get enough sleep! I plan to sleep in the next two mornings! 

I have been enjoying my time as a Teacher Assistant. I taught reading groups 4 days last week. I was in heaven. I never saw myself as enjoying a Kinder reading group. When I did it as a reading teacher, I use to dread that time of the day. What a difference a few years make. I don't know if it's the kids, the environment, or me. 

Here are a few pics from my week: 

Blends at Tutoring 

Sight Word Practice
Letter Cards to Practice Beginning Sounds
I had the kidos review the sound first and then I had them match the pictures to the letters so I could check for understanding. 

For anyone who wants a fun blog hop starting on Jan 31: 
Looks like it will be fun! 

Happy Reading! 

January 7, 2014

Yep.... Another One!

I have another day off tomorrow! I wonder what I will do to fill my day. I will keep you posted! Stay warm friends!

Happy Reading!

Outside My House

It is 5 degrees.
It feels like -21 with the wind chill. 

This pic was taken out my window when it was not a white out For awhile I could not see across the street. I am so glad I did not have to go out today! 

I am thankful to all who work to keep us safe especially those first responders out in the cold today! 

Stay Warm everyone! 

January 6, 2014

Happy Monday!

I had a fun day with the Kinder kidos. 

I had 3 groups and we worked on the letter P. We made pizza with pepperoni and placed it on purple paper. After working in grade 2 for a year, I forgot how I need to give one step directions. They had fun! 

Here was another exciting part of my day: 

No School tomorrow! 
We have a BLIZZARD warning! 

I called my Mom when they announce the Blizzard and said the last time we had a warning was March of 1993 when I turned 21. I remember driving in the snow determined to have my first cocktail! LOL! Things have changed - I am under a blanker and looking forward to movies in my pjs tomorrow. It is suppose to be -20.. BRR!

Who else has a snow day tomorrow?  

January 1, 2014


Two posts in one day! It's that time again! I love this monthly post! 

Go check out Farley's blog to read "Currently" for January!  

Click here: 

January’s Currently  

Here is mine: 

I love watching hockey, I wish they would have more outside games. They are so cool! I'm not a Leafs fan, but I have to root for the division my team plays in today. 

It's back to work tomorrow - so silly that school is back in session on a Thursday!! 

I really wanted to find a nice after Christmas deal... maybe this weekend? 

I have been eating too many cookies & treats. It's a good thing its back to work.. I always eat better. 

My mom cracks me up and this holiday dinner was no exception. Plus we always play a game after dessert. I just love doing that.

Happy Reading!

Hello 2014 !

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, 

'it will be happier'...” 

- Alfred Tennyson