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April 28, 2014

Letter D

We worked on the letter D last week. It was a review to get back into the swing of school. Some of my students had a rough week. It's always tough for students with special needs to re-establish a routine. 

D is for dots

I asked each kido to tell me what pictures had the /d/ sound at the beginning. This kido gave me some words even I didn't have in mind. He said "dark" and colored the window black for nighttime. Pretty clever.  

I will try to take more pictures this week. 
Happy Reading! 

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter with family & friends!

April 19, 2014

Happy Saturday!

I have been enjoying my free time. I went to lunch with friends and did some shopping. I also have been reading Gone Girl. I am glad I get a bonus day off on Monday and it will be close to 70. I plan to read outside and enjoy the sunshine before its back to work. 

Here are two cute things I bought at Old Navy yesterday because they had a 30% discount: 

 First pair of leggins! 
The color of this shirt is so pretty!

I am on the hunt for a cute summer dress and a pair of jean shorts. I am a fussy shopper (and I love bargains), so it takes me awhile to find things. 

I hope everyone is having a blessed Easter weekend! 

Happy reading!

April 14, 2014


I have been enjoying my first three days of my staycation. It is nice to relax and do what I want when I want! 

I was looking at some photos on the laptop and I found this picture: 

I just love this bulletin board. I do not remember what blog I found it on, but I would love to have this in my own classroom one day!

I know there is a lot of writing going on in classrooms now and I just think this would be great to remind kidos all the ways we write. I may consider adding a persuasive example or a how to if I did have the chance to make this one day. Even better, I could add a  "tweet" example. 

OK.... I must get back to my relaxation. 

Happy Reading! 

April 12, 2014




Here are some pics from my kids' work during reading groups: 


 I decided to have the kids write the words with 
their letter pictures now. 

Friday was a fun day of egg dying & Easter stories. The teacher had some cute crafts and activities planned. Last year my boss was ALL business and NO FUN, so it was a nice change at this new school.

We dyed eggs! 

Cute Bunny bags designed by the teacher. 

I made treat bags for the kids. :) 

I am now in staycation mode. I am meeting 2 teacher friends this week for lunch and reading some books. Other than that.. it is RELAXATION time! 

Happy Reading everyone! 

April 5, 2014

Sight Words

In my small reading groups I review sight words. The classroom teacher introduces the new words to the students each week. Some days I have to do a practice sheet from the reading series. Other days I flip through the cards in a random order having the kids read them aloud to me. The kidos each have an IEP, so I do a lot of repetition.  Sometimes it can be a little boring. 

I was looking for something different to do with the sight words and came up with this: 

1. I review the words on the flash cards. 
2. Then I say, "Let's see if I could trick you." 
3. I mix the cards up. I flip a card and sometimes say the wrong word to see if the kido really knows his/her sight words. 

  Example: word card for "where"

  •   I say " Lets' see if  I can trick you. The word is ..." 
  •   I flip the card to show the kido and say "what
  •   If the kids says "yes" - I say "I tricked you!"

4. I review 5 words per student. 
5. I will say the actual word sometimes and that is usually when I trick the kids. 
It has been about a a month of this game and now the kids play with each other under my supervision. I have to help the lower kids that still can't read their words. They really enjoy it and it makes reviewing sight words more fun. 

I am sure there are other things it could be used for like letter or number recognition.  

Happy Reading! 

April 4, 2014

Finally Friday!

It was been a long week. I still had my cough, but I did make it to spinning two days! Only 5 more work days and then I am on break!

We finished up R today: 
The kidos drew robots and rainbows. 

 Part of the bulletin board I made: 


Here is a sign of spring:

Thought of the day: 
I am going to miss this show! 

Happy Reading!

April 1, 2014

April's Currently

It's that time again! Go see some more at Farley's Blog.

Click here: 
April Currently 

Here is mine: 


Listening: My husband wanted to watch the show & since I am such a fan I watched it again. We talked about how so many people on Twitter were mad at the ending. I felt it was bittersweet. My husband wishes there had been less of the wedding episodes and more about his relationship with the Mom. I said, "But we know one thing: he went on a journey and love in all forms is worth the risk." I am a hopeless romantic. 

Loving: The weather.. so long winter!!! 

Thinking: Only 8 more days until my spring break! 

Wanting: I love coffee, but it's too late.. maybe tomorrow!

Needing: My sneakers almost have a small hole in the toe.. I need a new pair! 

I work as a teacher's assistant this year, so I arrive right before buses and leave with the walkers. Yes, I am there til the end of June... that will be a long month! 

Happy Reading !