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June 30, 2014

Happy Summer

I survived the last week of work. Friday, I spent the day by the pool decompressing. Oh and I did the same thing on Saturday. LOL.

Today I shopped, had lunch with my Mom, and I got a summer pedicure.  Then more pool time. It was actually 91 here today! Very humid! 

Here are the last pics from the second last day of school:

 End of the year gifts
(Thank You Vicky Moore)

I had to take a photo of this! 

I am on summer mode and not sure when I'll post again. Maybe I'll make something fun for a Monday Made it next week. 

Happy SUMMER Reading! 

June 20, 2014

Happy Friday !

You have to love 5 year olds. They say so much with so little! I thought this was funny!
I have 4 MORE DAYS LEFT !  

Happy Reading! 

June 17, 2014

Eight Days to Go !

I did a writing lesson on Monday with the kidos. Their writing has come a long way. One kido would not even hold a pencil in September. I saw a kido use the words on the wall today and was so excited! 

We are working on the last letters from the reading series this week. Next week, I am going to play some reading games since it will FINALLY be the last week. 
Another cute page for the kidos ABC books. We have one letter to go and then the books will be assembled. 
Hope everyone is enjoying their week!
Happy Reading! 

June 15, 2014

Happy Dad's Day

I hope all the Dad's out there enjoyed their Father's Day! 

I enjoyed breakfast with Dad & dinner with the Father-in-law! I hope they did, too! 

June 13, 2014

Finally Friday !

I am so happy Friday is here! I just wish it was my last Friday! I have 9 more work days. It's too long! LOL 

I am still doing my reading group. Here are some things I did this week: 

 I love how this kido made the Z a zebra. 
 Homework I made after our zoo field trip: 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 
Happy Reading!

June 9, 2014

Meet the Teacher

A fun blog hop for all!


Click here is you want to
Monday Meet Me

Here is mine: 

I love working with the kindergartners, but I want to be in my own classroom. Here's hoping!

I have the sweetest husband. He is so much nicer than me!

I watch too much t.v!! I like a lot of shows - the middle, modern family, the goldbergs, NCIS, the housewives on Bravo, dancing with the stars. Winters are cold in my town, so once I am in the house, I am watching t.v.

I am stuck in the 80's according to my husband, but I love most music.

I will read anything! I am reading The Fault in the Stars right now & loving it. I also have some favorite magazines - Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Real Simple. 

I organize all the time - at school & at home. If only I could get my husband to do the same thing!

Hope everyone links up .. or at least finds some new blogs!

Happy Reading!

June 7, 2014

Saturday Night

I had a busy Friday - FIELD TRIP! I was so tired I passed out around 9pm! Five year olds on a walking field trip and then to the playground for lunch makes for a tired teacher. 

Today I went to this neat event called "Art Alive" where local school kids present works of art. Here are a few pics: 
 My favorite! 

I thought all these kids did awesome!

I am still teaching. I have 14 days left & another walking field trip on Tuesday to the zoo!!! We are walking even farther.. OH MY!  Here a few pics from this week (Thank you superteachers website!): 

 One of my kidos draws cute pictures. Here is one I loved:
Who doesn't love Yoda?  

Happy Reading!

June 2, 2014

One Picture to Share

I gave the kidos new journals on Friday. I made a huge deal about how these ones are for first grade writers and are used to tell stories. One kido said "This is my favorite journal ever!" SO CUTE! 

We wrote about our science plants and then drew a picture to match. I ran out of time an did not get to my closing sentence. Next time! 

Only 17 days left! 

Happy Reading! 

June 1, 2014

Getting Closer & Currently!

I have had summer-itis for awhile!
June will make it even worse! 

It's that time again: Thank you Farley for this month's Currently:  

 Go ahead and go read other bloggers Currently.
Click here:    June Currently 

I was listening to Nascar, but I must admit now I am watching the Bachelorette! My reality addiction. 

I had a busy weekend, but they do go too fast! 

I am still looking for my own classroom... I'm always hopeful! It is difficult working in someone's room. I went to a training and the presenter called it a forced marriage. LOL 

My husband and I are planning a trip to celebrate out ten years. I cant wait to blog about it! 

I am looking forward to some comments! Thanks!

Happy Reading everyone!