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August 18, 2014

Tutoring !

Here is my tutoring session in some pictures:

We have spent a lot of weeks working on compound words.
I choose a lot of words that make up multiple compound words
 like the picture above.

We played a game to practice her recall of compound words.
Each person must write a new word down making a compound word.
Then we count the letters in the word. For example: 
rainbow = 3 points ( b-o-w )
raincoat = 4 points ( c-o-a-t ) 
When neither person can recall anymore words, we total up the points 
and see who is the winner. 

We worked on improving vocabulary and writing next. I talked about weak sentences and how to make them better with vivid vocabulary. 


Here is my modelling. Then she did two of her own sentences. 

I went to Kohls with my Mom last night and saw this in the store. LOVED IT!

Happy Reading!

August 11, 2014


After having the month of July tutoring free, I went back to seeing my favorite student. I want to start working on her silent reading strategies because she is moving into grade 5. I used to teach reading in her school, and I know 30 minutes a day is the expectation. The kido is already a struggling reader, so I want to give her strategies and practice for silent reading.

I found a cute poster on pinterst, so I made one in her notebook and we began talking about reading strategies. Here are two pictures of our session:

 I modeled silent reading and then we came up with these three strategies:

I am hoping for this list to grow as we work over the next few weeks. 

I am also  working on vocabulary building. I have done a lot of work like this: 
Now I am ready to move onto a new way to build vocabulary. I just need ideas. Anyone want to share? 

Hope all my teacher friends that are still on summer break are enjoying themselves. I know some teachers are back to work and I hope they are having a smooth first few days back to school!

Happy Reading!

August 7, 2014

London Trip

I have had a week to reflect on taking my dream vacation. I loved being in London! I am sad that there was so much I wanted to do and did not get to do it all. My husband said that just means we need to go back. LOL!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip:

My cute DH 

In Liverpool at "The Beatles Story" 

I cannot believe I walked across the Tower Bridge!  
 (I hate driving across them!)

 Buckingham Palace

We rode "the tube" and only went the wrong way once! 

The view from The London Eye

Inside the London Eye

 London Eye at Night

Someone let me into Oxford. LOL 

Drinking a shanty!

Being there was amazing, seeing everything I read about as an English major. I would recommend anyone to go visit London. There is so much to do and explore. Here's hoping one day I return!

Happy reading!

August 5, 2014

Thought of the Day

I saw this on Facebook:

This sums up my thoughts on the push of using Common Core and Testing to evaluate teachers! 

August 2, 2014

August Currently

I have not posted in a few weeks. I went on a dream vacation to celebrate 10 years with my husband. We went here:

That's right, I went to LONDON, BABY! I have wanted to go since I was 20 and my dream finally came true. I promise to post all about it soon. I'm still organizing the photos! 

In the meantime here is this month's Currently: 
Listening to the Football Hall of Fame. I LOVE FOOTBALL!
Loving that I did nothing today!  
Thinking: Was I really just in England? It was great. I want to go back! 
Wanting: I became sick in London & I knew it would get worse b/c I have asthma. I went to Urgent Care and the doctor gave me an inhaler and an over the counter form of benadryl. Well, that med made me break out into hives. YEP!  It was a few interesting days in London. When I came home I went to my doctor and of course I have a respiratory infection and my left ear needed to be flushed out. It have been sick for 7 days now and all I want is this cough to go away and this ear pain to disappear! Being sick in the summer sucks. 
Needing: We took a lot of pictures so I need to pic my favorites and make a collage. I did it when we went to Las Vegas & NYC. I'm still going through pictures. 

I have one more month of summer. I plan to enjoy everyday outside in some way! 

I think this is my longest currently post ever! If you want to go read some more go here: 

August Currently

Happy Summer Reading!