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January 18, 2015

Loving the New Job

I have been working in my new job for two weeks now. I am still learning the students names. I am loving be back with 4th and 5th grades. They have great personalities!

I am lucky enough to have a classroom and I spent three days cleaning out the classroom and organizing things. I even found a supplies request from 1969! LOL.

The closet before and after:
Every shelf was loaded with old books and manuals!  

I removed a shelf & added a spring rod
Now I have a spot for my coat and bag. 

I am teaching main idea and details to grade 4.

I started with a lesson on visual text:

In grade 4, I had mystery main idea bags.  
Students loved this activity!
We then moved onto nonfiction texts. 

The students will do stations at the end next week, so I can assess their understanding. I am hoping they think it's fun and do not realize I am testing them. LOL 

I did some inference work with the 5th graders. I will take some pictures this week to share! 

I have a lot of students to service and I am still trying to find a plan book templet that I like. My schedule is different everyday, so I feel a bit disorganized when planning. 

My husband saw this on Facebook. I thought it was funny: 

It's been a busy and nice first two weeks! I am so glad it is a three day weekend!
Happy Reading! 

January 1, 2015

Hello January !

As I reflect on the past year I cannot believe that I have been lucky enough to work with autistic children for a year. It was difficult at times, but I am a better person and teacher because of the experience. I am so excited to start a new job as a reading teacher. I start Monday and I look forward to posting about it. 

Onto this month's Currently: 

When the DH and I were sick, we decided to binge watch Dexter.
I have loved my vacation time. It will be hard to work for 5 days when it's Monday!
I am ready to start my new job, but I am going to miss all my free time.
I have not been show shopping since July and this shoe loving girl really would like to buy a new pair.
I REALLY need to get back into eating better.. and get back to the gym. I was sick for a couple weeks in December, so I have not been to the gym in three weeks. It does not help that all the delicious holiday food is so bad for you!
YES - I plan to work hard at my new job, so the kidos can become better readers and learn to love reading.
MAYBE - I was run/walking in the fall. I am a spinning girl, but I'd love to be a runner, too.
WISH - I have a few ideas/stories on post it notes - I wish I could publish them.

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January Currently

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Hope everyone is enjoying their last days of free time before it's back to work!

Happy Reading!