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December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016 !

You were a very good year for me! I have been teaching reading for a year. I started 2016 in an elementary school and I am ending it at a middle school. Both jobs have been wonderful, but I am LOVING the middle school setting! I went on a nice vacation. I added to my certification and now have a certificate in Childhood Special Education.

I feel like the past few years have flown by and I want life to slow down.
Here's hoping 2017 is a wonderful one!


Happy Reading! 

December 28, 2016

Photos from School

I had a busy week at school. We had a spirit week. We ended the week with "minute to win it" games which a lot of fun. I did a lot of readings about different holidays in countries around the world. I found some great no prep packets on TPT. 



One day was "Kindness on a Post-it Note Day. I was sneaky and wrote notes on various lockers. Later in the day I found this stuffed in my teacher bin that I carry from class to class. I know it is from a kiddo because of the grammar mistake:

Here is another product I found on one of the teacher newsletters I get weekly. I had the students take turns writing the words on the white board during my small group class.
 I took my Mom to tea: 

 Seriously, I saw this in Target the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS! WHY? 

I have not thought about work while on break. The week goes so fast, that I am trying to read some holiday books and just relax. It has been a nice break! I wish it was longer!

Happy Reading!

December 18, 2016


I am still working. Here in New York, the teachers work until Friday. There are a lot of fun events at my middle school this week. We have spirit week and a fun assembly on Friday. I hope to take some fun pictures to share next weekend!

Here is my finished door:


This is about as creative as I can manage. 
As I tell my husband - I am creative just not artistic. LOL !

I noticed a lot of my blogger friends are already on their holiday break! I am a little envious! 
Enjoy the well deserved time off! 

Happy Reading! 

December 15, 2016

A Quick Post

December is always crazy. The days are speeding by this year! I have a few pictures to share!

We are having a door decorating contest. 
Here is the start of mine. 

The students partner read the text.
They followed the directions.
It is great to listen to them read to each other and hep each other read new words. 

 The reading book has a disaster unit.  This is the finished web by a student. 


Mike the Elf was fooling around at m Mom's house. 

That is it for now. Just a few quick pictures. I have ess pics to take because I push into a lot of classrooms. 

December 3, 2016

Busy Days

Thanksgiving came and went. I enjoyed my time with family and shopped the weekend away with my Mom. It is one of my favorite weekends of the whole year. Now it is the mad rush of December!

My schedule seems to be running smoothly. I am enjoying teaching at the middle school level. I have nice classes. Here are  pictures of some of my lessons:

I use the Read 180 program and I began the unit on disasters. I gave the students the word cut up as the first part of the lesson.

 We started a web as we read the unit. I asked: 
 "What words come to your mind when you think of disasters?" 
The kiddos will add to the web after reading each text. 

Grade Five: 
In my other class, I began a writing unit. 
Some students struggle with responding to comprehension questions.
First we talked about different types of writing. 
Responses first on post it notes, then additional answers after a group discussion.  

I bought a few items from TPT on Cyber Monday. 
I found a great unit and this mini-poster.

Here is the link: 

I modeled an example.
Then the kiddos highlight 
each part of RACE. 

Grade 7: 
We are reading Edgar Allen Poe
Here are the I can statements from the last Monday:  
Here is an example of an exit ticket I made from my observation: 

I decided to treat myself to my first gingerbread latte this week and I love all the designs I have seen all over the internet. Here was the cup I was given: 

I hope everyone is enjoying teaching during December. It is always a crazy and exciting time! 
Happy Reading ! 

November 11, 2016

Thank You !

Thank you to all the Veterans!
Thanks to my Dad!
Thanks to my Father-in-law! 

November 7, 2016

Happy November !

I miss the monthly currently's that use to exist in the blog world. I would post every month on the first day, which would keep me motivated to post all through that month. In the past year, I post less and less. It makes me a little sad!

I have my formal observation this week, so I have been busy with planning for that lesson.
I only have two pictures to share from last week.

 I have this poster in my classroom next to my white board. 
I think in a month I will change the learning targets. 

In grade 5, the kiddos are responding to comprehension questions. 

Maybe after my observation ends, I will be more vigilant about taking photos!

Happy Reading!

October 23, 2016

Weekly Photos

My schedule is in full swing. I have some good procedures set and the kids are working at growing as readers.

Here are some pictures from the week:

Sometimes I give the kidos a learning target, other days I ask
"What was today's learning target? 
The students use an exit ticket to tell me. 

 I am teaching some students with special needs this year.
I have a few kidos who have trouble with story elements. 
We practiced setting for 3 days. 

The first day the kidos worked on a sort. 
 I gave the small group different words.
They took turns sorting their words. 

 I reused my Inference poster from last year. 
I showed a video called "Partyly Cloudy" by Pixar from YouTube 
for the day one lesson. The kidos really understand inferences now! 

In the afternoon I meet with grade 5 students every other day. One my odd days, I meet with 7th graders. I am working on different vocabulary lessons with both classes. Here are my 5th graders writing different answers on the board. 


In grade 5 I push into classes. We are reading Esperanza Rising .  The students had to write a two voiced poem about two characters. THey then had to write two about themselves, THe teacher and I modeled one example: 

Below is the one picture I remembered to take of 7th grade work.  The students had read a text two days before. They came up with a title for the text. I had purposely covered it up when I copied the text. I asked them to highlight key details from the text. Each student was given a word from the text. They had to explain what the word meant in regards to the text.  The post it note was to write a new sentence using the word from the text. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

Happy Reading! 

October 12, 2016

WHAT... October !

I have had a crazy month. I cannot believe that school has been going on for six weeks!
I am teaching grades 5-7 and I have been a busy bee! On the second weekend of school I took this picture:

My husband keeps saying I have my dream job "getting paid to read." He knows me well!

I push into classrooms in the AM helping the students in ELA. Last year I did this in one 5th grade classroom. I am working with some of the same teachers from last year. In the afternoon, I work with small groups.

Here are some pictures of some lessons I have taught to my small groups.

 I am beginning each 40 minutes lesson with a vocabulary building lesson.
If you have never used StoryWorks Magazine, I recommend it!
Inside there is The Word Nerd.

I modeled how to use the pictures to figure out the word meanings.
We also have dictionaries. 

 We then wrote a simpler sentence together. 

 Another StoryWorks article. 
We read aloud the text. 
The kidos highlighted text for questions 
I asked orally. 

The kids ate two Oreos.
Then we compared/contrasted the Oreos in two countries. 
This was the start of our list. 

I have some new 5th graders this year, so I was able to do one of my favorite lessons. "Mystery Main Idea." 

Well, there is just a little snapshot. I am hoping to share some more pictures soon. 

Happy Reading! 

September 4, 2016

See You in September

Hello September. Yes, I'm a few days late.. but heck I have had a crazy week!

On Monday, I had my last day in paradise. Here are a few pictures from my summer vacation:

My happy place every AM after breakfast. 
I was swimming every day by 9:00.

A great shirt the DH bought me before our trip 
 which I wore on the plane ride down. 
It says " There's nothing a little Starbucks & Disney Can't Fix!"

 The DH took this picture on "National Dog Day"

The DH by the pool in the shade while I was swimming. 

While we were in Disney I received a phone call to go in for a second interview. I had the first one the day before I had left for vacation. I literally had it ONE HOUR after my plane landed!  

I met with the superintendent and she offered me a job at the middle school in the district I have been working in for various long term reading teacher assignments. I happily accepted. I am BEYOND THRILLED! 

Here is the space I have been given: 

Before Picture
After picture coming soon! 

I had meetings for two days and did some set up on Friday. Finished room pictures is coming soon. The first week I assist with the new students to the building and I will plan my schedule with the other reading teachers. 

It will be an exciting month! I am so happy to have a job for the school year! 

New posts about middle school reading are to come! 

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone! 

Happy Reading!