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May 22, 2016

Weekly Lessons and Photos

I am following the routines as best I can with all the end of the year craziness. Here are few lessons I did this past week in my classroom:

Grade 2 - We did a mini unit on compound words. We did some cut and paste activities together. Then I had the kidos doing sorts. I gave them two KEY words such as "book" and "super" and then they had to sort them into the right categories. I then asked the kidos to read he new words to me.


Grade 4 - I am also doing a word study unit with this group. They learned about prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, and antonyms.  Here a few pictures from my notebook which I use as a model for the kidos: 

 From a TPT seller. 

Also, the first graders are practicing their sight word. I am trying to get them to spell the words correctly. Here is what I do when the kidos first come into class. Their journals are ready. I give them 5 words to write. Then we talk about what letters they missed:


Hope everyone has a good week.... Those who are teaching & those who are already on summer vacation! 

Happy Reading ! 

May 20, 2016

Keep on teaching!

I have to work for five more weeks. That means I have 1 school wide field trip, 2 more assemblies, a field day, a reading meeting about next years kids, and five more Fridays to go before summer vacation.

Today my building did not have to enough substitutes. It has been an issue a long time ago. I had to go sub in a grade two classroom. I have been in this room once in fall to substitute. Plus 5 of the kids are my reading kids. There are three little kidos that need a lot of extra attention, so when they are together - it can be a "certain teacher dance."

I have been trying to let my first graders "run" the classroom on Thursdays and Fridays. Thursdays the kidos get to use the "teacher" markers which are the scented ones. They kids love this. They complete a word work activity. Then I try to trick them by pointing to random words in their books to dread to me. I sen each kid off to somewhere in my room to read the text. I walk around and listen to the kids whisper read. Then I ask them a question or two. Next, is a short written response or they write their favorite part.

Here is an example:

On Friday, I have a teacher's assistant who gets to sit in my teacher chair. He/She is the host of sight word Bingo. The kids just love it.

Here are some pics:

This was my intervention group I started in late February. 
They have come really far since then! 

Well,  I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!

Happy Reading!

May 15, 2016


I have been busy the last two week. We have been reading  and writing like maniacs. Some of my students have made such growth this year, I am so proud of all their hard work.   

The first graders love these characters, so we wrote a story together. Here are few pictures from the books they made: 

 In grade 4, the students chose a fairy tale to read and then they made "most wanted villain posters."
I have yet to master using the panoramic setting. 

After students read a text independently I asked them to tell me one sentence about their favorite part. I write it on chart paper and they copy it. I let them take the chart paper home. Sometimes they write with markers. It is such a good motivator! 

 In grade 2 we are working on problems and solutions. 
Here is an example: 

Reading and writing nonfiction:  

A model for my students. Yes... proof I CANNOT draw! 

Here are a few more random pictures:

During Teacher Appreciation Week one student gave me a plant and 
another sweet kido gave me this: 
It is nice that a mom wanted to thank me for 
being her child's reading teacher. 
The cutie has come so far! 
Plus I just adore him. 

I have about six weeks of school left. It will be bittersweet. The school is closing and the teachers are all moving on to another school. I do not have a job yet for next school year. I a hopeful something will happen before the year ends. I am keeping the faith! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! 
Happy Reading!

May 7, 2016

Last Currently.... : (

I cannot believe this is the last one. I look forward this this every month!

Here is May's Currently:

I one thing I want to talk about from my Currently is how badly I would like to go away! Last year, the DH and I went to North Myrtle Beach in April and then in August we went to Disney.  We have not been anywhere since last August. With both breaks early this year, I did not want to go somewhere if the weather would not really be warm. Now I feel like I could really use a vacation!

I took my last grad school class test this week. One more paper to submit and I will have some free time again. I can't wait. This extra time will also make me want to take a vacation. LOL!

I cannot believe this is the last currently.  I am quite sad by it and I am not sure how I feel about the whole thing!

I hope everyone has a great May!

Happy Reading !