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July 14, 2016

Summer Tutoring

Every summer I tutor. I am able to use a great program that I love (Fountas and Pinnell Levelled Literacy Interventions) but try new things with the books. What I love the most is parents who are so vested in their child's education that they have their child tutored once or twice a week during summertime.

I am working with a child who is starting kindergarten in the fall. This kido impresses me every time I see him. He is quiet and needs think time before answering questions.  I work with him for 45 minutes. Half the session is math and the other half is reading. Here are some things I did with him today:

1. Counting Pennies - We are working on 1-20. He gets stuck with 13 but then he is fine.

2. Tracing numbers and Ten Frames

3. Identifying a number when different numbers are in a pile.

4. Phonemic Awareness - He can recognize all the letters, I am working on beginning sounds.

5. Sight words and reading Level A books.

Here are some pictures from today:

 I found this from a nice website. 
She has 1 -20 sheets for kidos to practice! 

Book Two from the LLI Kit
Today we read it forward twice 
and then backwards! 

Beginning sound picture sort. 
He threw me for a loop today when 
he said "rabbit" and not "bunny" 
He also wanted "football" under " B for ball." 

I really enjoy the time I get to work with students 1:1. It is so valuable! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!
Happy Reading!

July 11, 2016

Summer Fun !

I have been enjoying my free time. Here are few pics of some things I did the last few days:

DH and I at the drive - in
We saw "The Secret Life of Pets"
Super Cute Movie 

I went to the store early Sunday 
for my first back to school deal. 
25 Cents Each!!!! 

DH took off so we could go to lunch.
We walked along the waterfront.
There was a neat display of artwork. 

Summer is nice! I hope it slows down!
Happy Reading!

July 4, 2016

Happy Birthday America!

Happy July 4th Everyone!

July 1, 2016

Hello July !

I spent my first week of vacation enjoying my freedom from a schedule. It has been nice every morning this week I did this on the patio: 

I have read two books this week - one by a favorite author (seen above) and a teen book which I started reading here" 
I try to swim as much as possible during the summer, because here in NY pool season is sweet, but TOO short! 

I have movie night with the DH. We watched the movie outside in our garage. It's fun and I love being outside. We saw this for he first time: 

I thought this movie was funny and cute!  

I also planted another flower pot. I sadly killed my gerber daisy flowers (which were gifts from school) Here is what I planted: 

I am trying to revive the ones in y front garden. We have had little rain and with the end of the school year, I slacked on my watering!  I am hoping to revive them! 

I ran into Target the other day to pick up dome H&B items and I saw this SCARY sign: 

SERIOUSLY!!!!!! I mean, I know other states have had the whole month of June off, but REALLY???? TOO SOON!

Well, I hope everyone is in summer bliss like I have been! I have to get back to my book now.. since it;s raining and well, I am putting off mu housecleaning!

Happy Reading!