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January 29, 2017

Weekly Photos

I am SO HAPPY it is the last weekend in January. I do not like the cold! I am ready for warmer months... BUT sadly I sill have a ways to go before it is spring!

I had a nice busy week. In grade 5,  I am teaching the students to find the most important details of a text. I make it like a game. The kiddos have 2 chances to see if they can match my detail.  My grade 6 students have been working on different reading skills depending on the class. My 7th graders are making PowerPoints about the career they researched. I am planning on having the kids read and grade each others this week.

Here are a few pictures from the week.:

I started the lesson with an entrance ticket question. Then we talked about their goals for the week.
The students partner read the text and took notes. On the back of the sheet, the students choose the fact they thought was most important from the book. It was interesting to see what the students chose.

 Here is an example: 
(I did not correct her sentence) 
 Example #2: 

The second day we read a new text and I had individual kiddos write the most important detail.
The students had to match mine.
One kiddo was able to do ti!!  

 Group Two Same Lesson
I gave them an "I Can.." statement. 
 We defined "determine."

 I use Storyworks by Scholastic for lessons.
It's a great investment if you teach small groups. 
This kiddo guessed my most important detail. 

 A quick game of Outburst on Friday afternoon: 

Here's hoping for a quick week! 
Happy Reading! 

January 21, 2017

Weekly Photos

My week was busy. Only four days of work and on two of them I had AM meetings. I serve on two committees and this month the meetings fell in the same week. One of my co-workers was not happy because I missed the kiddos twice!  Such is the life of a push in reading teacher. I am plugging along with the students and have seen some amazing growth which is really all that matters!.

Grade 5 - New unit "Determining important details in a text" - I find the kiddos that struggle in reading cannot distinguish between the really important stuff and the little nonessential details of a text. This is a common practice for the student who struggles - he/she will grasp at any sentence with the hope it is what the teacher wants. I also took my supplies from my RACE unit and made a bulletin board.

 Once again - TPT products!!  

Grade 6 - I am working with students who have IEP's. Getting them to find good text evidence is my goal for the next three weeks. I also am working with the two neediest students in a small group just practicing decoding words.

Grade 7 - I have two groups. I am wrapping up my unit on careers with one group. Each kiddo chose a career to read and research. Then I am going to have them make a PowerPoint with 5 sides. Students will then rotate laptops to watch the slide show. We will have a group share.
With the second group we are making our way through The Cay. It is just getting interesting and now I am going to introduce the concept of conflict and character motivation.


I want to give the kiddos a compare/contrast sort based on the chart above. I will try and remember pictures. 

Happy Reading! 

January 15, 2017

Happy Sunday

I feel like I just posted my weekly photos. I had a busy week - one day we had an assembly and another day  I sat in on CSE meetings. I finished teaching my RACE unit. Now I am going to have the kiddos respond to a nonfiction text using the RACE strategy. Here are a bunch of examples:

RACE Strategy on Pinterest:

My one 7th grade class is still reading about different careers. I want to make a sheet to have them use the laptops  to choose a career and do some research.  My second 7th grade group is digging deep into The Cay. I am not sure if they like the book or not.

I only had time to take three photos this past week. Here they are:

 This is the literacy term sort I made for all grade levels. These are the terms we worked on from September to December.
 Here are my grade 7 learning targets from last week. 

This was what the kiddos saw before the color coded my answer. 

I have a nice four day work week. I have AM committee meetings for two of the days. I am not sure how many photos I will get this weekr. I am now in my 3rd year of teaching grade and I feel like I am in a nice groove with them. I am still learning lessons for grade 7. Sometimes I enjoy those kids, and other days, I would much rather see my 5th graders all day every day. One thing is for sure, I am always learning! 

Have a fantastic week!
Happy Reading! 

January 8, 2017

Weekly Photos

I had a busy week back to school. It was nice to get back into the swing of things!

I taught the 5th grade classes I push into a great lesson about responding to a reading with text evidence. I did it to my small group class, so teaching it a second time was great. I was able to tweak the lesson. This time around I had the model ready for the kids. This week they will use the "RACE" template to evaluate an answer. Here is the pic from a previous post (I bought this from TPT): 

In my small group I gave students a literacy sort of all the terms they have learned so far this school year. Then as part of an exit ticket, the kiddos wrote an "I can.." statement on an index card. I had the kiddos put them on the white board. Then they had to switch and box the important words from a peer's statement. 

On another day with another group, we worked on sequence. I was working with the English Language Learners and my reading students. I partnered them up and gave them books I had cut apart and laminated. The had to read the text practice fluency, put the book in order, and then swap with another group to check their work.

Once again, I asked the kiddos to write an "I can" statement and then write it on the while board.

 When I was in 7th grade I remember reading how my reading teacher would choose these great stories. I remember reading The Call of the Wild  and also reading The Cay. I was thrilled to learn we had the book in book room. I began it last week. The kids are really intrigued about the story. We just started and I hope they love it as much as I did when I was in grade 7!

 We discussed the different covers and made predictions. 

That is it for last week. I hope everyone is staying warm. Some school had a snow day last week. In fact three elementary schools had kids in school til 9 at night. What a story for the kids to tell when they are older. The pictures I saw on Twitter and Facebook were great! You have to love those teachers!

Happy Reading!