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January 2, 2018

Hello 2018 !

I am happy to start a new year!

I have to say 2017 was a tough year for me for a lot of reasons. I was working in a job I loved, teaching reading all day - my dream job! Then February came and I had a health scare. This health issue created other concerns, so it has been a challenge health wise. I also had a car accident in June and then I was in a walking boot in September. With all of  these things, I would do my laps at the Y pool when I could. Being in the water helped with my stress. I love swimming! 

My job ended and I was unemployed at the beginning of the school year. I was lucky enough to be called for some interviews and I was hired for a part time position. My new job is different and now I am challenged in many ways. Learning common core math has been a daily struggle. I miss my friends from the past two years and I miss teaching reading all day. 

When December arrived I was happy to know I would have a week off to decompress and relax. I had a medical procedure where I had mostly good news. I spent time napping and reading. I was thrilled this crazy year was ending. 

2017 wasn't all bad! I went on two vacations. I taught some great kids to love reading. I enjoyed a relaxing summer, spent time with friends, and learned more about me. With all these joyous days, I am happy to see a new year begin. Here's hoping 2018 will be better than last year! 

Happy New Year everyone!
Happy Reading, too! 

December 19, 2017

Show -n- Tell Tuesday

I am still in the trenches of teaching. It is the last week before our break. New York likes to go to the bitter end!

I am linking up with this blog:

Forever in Fifth Grade - Show-n-Tell Tuesday - December

 Go check it out!


Thinking about Narrative Writing from last year 
A student's first draft of a small moment

How I want my students to think 


I love the way using the writing program! 
I taught a strategy a day!

The teacher planned this cool virtual reality lesson.
I enjoyed watching the kiddos get excited! 


I did secret Santa at school.
This is part of my gift! 
Who doesn't love coffee? 

It has been a crazy month. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday break! 
Happy Reading! 

November 22, 2017


I am a day late, but I am still joining the party!

 Here is a fun Linky party! There are a lot of fun blogs to check out! Go take a look! Here is the link: 

Show-n-Tell Tuesday November  

Mine are below. Enjoy! 


 Teaching a lesson about culture.
I had a kiddo work be my scribe. 
He had such nice writing,I should have him do it all the time.

Notebooks open for state research  
The students just finished their essays. 


It's that time of year again - coffee by a fire.
I met a friend for the buy one share one deal.
It was so funny that afternoon.
I ran into three different people - all teachers. 
 I worked with all of them one point.
Yeah - I have been in a lot of schools! 

Last week was a tough week for many reasons! 
I enjoyed a yummy blackberry bellini 
in honor of surviving my rough week. 

I hope everyone enjoys a blessed Thanksgiving! 
Happy pie eating! 

Happy Reading in between watching those Hallmark movies!  

November 1, 2017

WHAT...... It's November !!!

Starting a new teaching job after the school year has already begun is HARD! I truly feel like a fish out of water... and I LOVE THE WATER! I am enjoying working with the 5th graders, which isn't a surprise to me because I taught them reading the past three years.


The math is SUCH A CHALLENGE!  

One of my jobs is to modify and teach the math curriculum. I am learning right along with the students. After spending the past 5 years focused on reading, this really is working my brain!

I have been teaching writing and reading to the students and when several students leave for AIS and Enrichment I have an hour 3 days a week where I plan lessons.

Here are a few random pictures. I have been so busy learning the new ways of a new school district, I have not had a lot of time to take photos. Plus I am working with another teacher in a classroom that isn't really mine.

I know from last year that the students learn figurative language in grade 5 ELA. I always start with alliteration. The kids love it and it's a great way to hook the kids into reading and writing poetry.

I have a small space in front of my desk where I display things. 
The theme mini-sign is from a lesson I taught weeks ago. 

I am so happy when it's writing because I get to teach the class these lessons. he classroom teacher prefers teaching the math and science. Perk for me.  We started a new writing unit. The students are researching a state and then going to write about it. I combined informational and persuasive. The kids have to entice me to want to visit their state.  I am using New York as a model because they studied it last year. They have 4 key categories they have to write about in their essays. These charts were from the Day one lesson. The kiddos were most confused about economy and culture. 

 Geography and History were no brainers for the class.  

The kiddos had bags of NY books and were finding places and things to do in NY.Then we divided them up into the categories. Below shows how the kiddos has trouble with culture. 

Here's a poster of the lesson on teaching kiddos how to "hook" a reader into reading their essay:

Nothing fancy but it works. 

This kiddo is a sweetheart and I enjoy working with her! 

I am REALLY trying to remember to take photos of the new things I teach! Hopefully I will get back onto a blogging schedule!

Happy Reading!
Happy PUMPKIN everything!

September 24, 2017

Show and Tell - Is it Fall?

I discovered a new blog while surfing my bloglovin feed. I saw a fun linky party that involves photos. Even though I am later to the party, it looked fun so here it goes!

Here's the blog link: 

I started a new job this week! WOO HOO! 
Prior to this year I was a reading teacher in for a maternity leave. 
I did not start the school year and I was feeling pretty low.
The good news is that I had some interviews and YAY..I was hired! 
I am working in a fifth grade classroom as the co-teacher. 

I am a klutz and I slipped on my wooden steps wearing flip flops.
Yep.... In a walking boot! 
That was fun explaining while I was going on interviews! 

When it is 80 in Buffalo, New York on September 23, 
there is ONLY one thing to do:
GO get sponge candy ice cream!!

It's been an exciting week. It will be fun to do this again next month! Hopefully I will have some more pictures.

Happy Reading everyone!