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If you can read this, thank a teacher !!

June 11, 2017

Happy June

I am still teaching! We are plugging along in New York. Three more teaching days, then 4 days with finals! It will be a crazy week.

On a personal note I have had an uneventful week. When school ends I will have a much needed two weeks to relax before I work the summer school program for reading.

I have been reading the debates from Scholastic's Storyworks Magazine. The kids love talking about both opinions. It's a great way to end teaching reading with the 5th graders! We also have done some vocabulary work with the most common words that kids screw up in their writing.

Here are a few pics:
I start out with an easy practice.
Then make it harder.

 Kiddos write their sentences first, then I called kids to write one sentence from their list 
to check for their understanding. 

Plus here is a pic of my current book pile. 
(There is quite the variety): 


I found this on my whiteboard: 
This is why I love teaching!

I am not sure if I will take photos during the last three days. Hoping to blog about some books over the summer. I love book recommendations if anyone wants to share a favorite book in my comments!

Happy Reading! 

May 28, 2017

What... May...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 

I have been so busy at school and with life! It has been so long since I wrote a post. We had state testing for two weeks which zaps my creative teaching juices - not to mention the students wanting to read once they tests are over for the day! 

I am enjoying y three day weekend. Today I spent some time planting some flowers to make my patio pretty for summer.  
Here are two pictures: 


I had to substitute teach in the 5th grade classroom I push into for reading. It was fun. Every time I teach the class, I miss having my own room and kids. I did a fun lesson where the kids had to answer a question on a post it note: 


The students choose a book (that was not a movie. LOL) and I talked about the antagonist. The made Most Wanted Villain posters: 

Three of the best ones! 

I actually made a power point of six of the best posters for the other 5th grade class I work with when I push in for reading. They are bringing their posters in this coming week. I hope to take a few photos.

I have 18 days of teaching left. I have mixed feelings about it. This happens every year because I do not have my forever school job. I have been a year long temporary teacher for the last 3 years. I love being in middle school. I hope I get to go back next year! 

I hope everyone enjoys their three day weekend! 
Happy Reading! 

April 9, 2017

Happy Spring Break & Weekly Photos

YAY! I am on spring break for the next week. I am going to enjoy my stay-cation! I plan to read, nap, and read some more. I will throw some spring cleaning in there too!

It was been a busy few weeks. I was sick for the second time which was a bummer. NY had the state test in ELA. Glad that is DONE!

Here are some photos from my lessons:

I asked the library media specialist to help with a book tasting for one of the 5th grade classes I push into. It was a hit. The best part was students saying the found a book they would have never considered reading!

One of my kiddos.
We need to work on descriptive writing!

I began a poetry unit with my 7th graders. I always begin with song lyrics. It hooks the kids. 

Analyzing "Kill a Word" 

Then the kids made these using powerpoint: 

The 5th graders choose a book to read and then made a wanted poster.
The classroom teacher and I talked about the antagonist/ villain in a text. 

Here is another "I Can" statement I had my 7th graders work on for a two weeks: 

The students wrote summaries using the academic vocabulary words from different articles. 
Here is my examples: 

The day before vacation the PBIS committee (which I serve on) planned an afternoon "FEST"
The students made choices about three different activites they wanted to do.
I offered to have a reading room. 
Here are some kiddos reading in the hallway:

If only I could get my study hall kids to read like this! 

I love my job, but as we all know teachers LOVE their spring breaks. We need to be energized just as much as the kids! Here are my plans for my break: 
 What else would a reading teacher do, but read books on her spring break! LOL.  

Happy Spring Vacation Everyone! 

Happy Reading! 

March 13, 2017


I am WAITING for my school to announce a snow day. Every district around me has announced a closing for tomorrow.

I had a nice birthday today. One of the best parts of my day was getting this birthday card:


As a reading specialist of students in grades 5-7 I see those students who often feel defeated by reading and school. I have to make the first few weeks of y reading groups fun! We take baby steps in reading. When I get a card like this I remember why I work so hard to promote a love of books and reading. 

It has been a wonderful day. Thanks to my husband, family, and friends for a perfect birthday!

Happy Reading! 

March 12, 2017

Birthday Brunch

Every year the sweet husband takes me for a birthday brunch. We go to the place where we got married. It is SO YUMMY! I laughed when I saw what I wore last year:

Because I wore this this year:

Can you tell I like green? I'm just a little blonder this year!

Tomorrow is the official day! There is suppose to be an evening blizzard. I better my birthday dessert before the snow comes! 

Happy Reading!