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October 23, 2016

Weekly Photos

My schedule is in full swing. I have some good procedures set and the kids are working at growing as readers.

Here are some pictures from the week:

Sometimes I give the kidos a learning target, other days I ask
"What was today's learning target? 
The students use an exit ticket to tell me. 

 I am teaching some students with special needs this year.
I have a few kidos who have trouble with story elements. 
We practiced setting for 3 days. 

The first day the kidos worked on a sort. 
 I gave the small group different words.
They took turns sorting their words. 

 I reused my Inference poster from last year. 
I showed a video called "Partyly Cloudy" by Pixar from YouTube 
for the day one lesson. The kidos really understand inferences now! 

In the afternoon I meet with grade 5 students every other day. One my odd days, I meet with 7th graders. I am working on different vocabulary lessons with both classes. Here are my 5th graders writing different answers on the board. 


In grade 5 I push into classes. We are reading Esperanza Rising .  The students had to write a two voiced poem about two characters. THey then had to write two about themselves, THe teacher and I modeled one example: 

Below is the one picture I remembered to take of 7th grade work.  The students had read a text two days before. They came up with a title for the text. I had purposely covered it up when I copied the text. I asked them to highlight key details from the text. Each student was given a word from the text. They had to explain what the word meant in regards to the text.  The post it note was to write a new sentence using the word from the text. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

Happy Reading! 

October 12, 2016

WHAT... October !

I have had a crazy month. I cannot believe that school has been going on for six weeks!
I am teaching grades 5-7 and I have been a busy bee! On the second weekend of school I took this picture:

My husband keeps saying I have my dream job "getting paid to read." He knows me well!

I push into classrooms in the AM helping the students in ELA. Last year I did this in one 5th grade classroom. I am working with some of the same teachers from last year. In the afternoon, I work with small groups.

Here are some pictures of some lessons I have taught to my small groups.

 I am beginning each 40 minutes lesson with a vocabulary building lesson.
If you have never used StoryWorks Magazine, I recommend it!
Inside there is The Word Nerd.

I modeled how to use the pictures to figure out the word meanings.
We also have dictionaries. 

 We then wrote a simpler sentence together. 

 Another StoryWorks article. 
We read aloud the text. 
The kidos highlighted text for questions 
I asked orally. 

The kids ate two Oreos.
Then we compared/contrasted the Oreos in two countries. 
This was the start of our list. 

I have some new 5th graders this year, so I was able to do one of my favorite lessons. "Mystery Main Idea." 

Well, there is just a little snapshot. I am hoping to share some more pictures soon. 

Happy Reading! 

September 4, 2016

See You in September

Hello September. Yes, I'm a few days late.. but heck I have had a crazy week!

On Monday, I had my last day in paradise. Here are a few pictures from my summer vacation:

My happy place every AM after breakfast. 
I was swimming every day by 9:00.

A great shirt the DH bought me before our trip 
 which I wore on the plane ride down. 
It says " There's nothing a little Starbucks & Disney Can't Fix!"

 The DH took this picture on "National Dog Day"

The DH by the pool in the shade while I was swimming. 

While we were in Disney I received a phone call to go in for a second interview. I had the first one the day before I had left for vacation. I literally had it ONE HOUR after my plane landed!  

I met with the superintendent and she offered me a job at the middle school in the district I have been working in for various long term reading teacher assignments. I happily accepted. I am BEYOND THRILLED! 

Here is the space I have been given: 

Before Picture
After picture coming soon! 

I had meetings for two days and did some set up on Friday. Finished room pictures is coming soon. The first week I assist with the new students to the building and I will plan my schedule with the other reading teachers. 

It will be an exciting month! I am so happy to have a job for the school year! 

New posts about middle school reading are to come! 

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone! 

Happy Reading! 

August 9, 2016

What Have I Been Doing?

It has been awhile since I have blogged. Honestly, I have not had much to blog about this summer. Here are a few things I have been doing:

Having a Bachelorette Party Outside!

A lot of summer reading! 

Going to See my favorite local 80's music band! 

Hanging out with friends

Tutoring this Cutie! 

Summer goes TOO FAST ! It makes me wish I lived in a warmer state! LOL! I just love being outside everyday! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their last few days of summer!
Happy Reading! 

July 14, 2016

Summer Tutoring

Every summer I tutor. I am able to use a great program that I love (Fountas and Pinnell Levelled Literacy Interventions) but try new things with the books. What I love the most is parents who are so vested in their child's education that they have their child tutored once or twice a week during summertime.

I am working with a child who is starting kindergarten in the fall. This kido impresses me every time I see him. He is quiet and needs think time before answering questions.  I work with him for 45 minutes. Half the session is math and the other half is reading. Here are some things I did with him today:

1. Counting Pennies - We are working on 1-20. He gets stuck with 13 but then he is fine.

2. Tracing numbers and Ten Frames

3. Identifying a number when different numbers are in a pile.

4. Phonemic Awareness - He can recognize all the letters, I am working on beginning sounds.

5. Sight words and reading Level A books.

Here are some pictures from today:

 I found this from a nice website. 
She has 1 -20 sheets for kidos to practice! 

Book Two from the LLI Kit
Today we read it forward twice 
and then backwards! 

Beginning sound picture sort. 
He threw me for a loop today when 
he said "rabbit" and not "bunny" 
He also wanted "football" under " B for ball." 

I really enjoy the time I get to work with students 1:1. It is so valuable! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!
Happy Reading!